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Hello. Has anyone had a guest do an instant book and then when you read the reviews it referred to the guest as various people? For instance, this person is referred to by male and female pronouns that switch back and forth throughout the dates on the reviews. At first I thought they might be transgender but most recent review refers to him as she And the profile picture is clearly a man. And another of these reviews refers to the person by name other than what his or her name actually is. To be clear, I have no qualms about hosting someone who is transgender but I do have qualms if I’m not being told exactly who’s coming to stay at my place and if they are, in fact, the person in the profile picture. Furthermore what is the persons name who is coming to stay with me? I’m so confused as to how these reviews got put on this person‘s profile. Anybody know about this? I called Airbnb to see if they could look at the verified identification to find out what the name of my guest actually is but they were useless.

He/she was probably a guest for several bookings booked by friends. When the person that books gets reviewed, that review is also posted for all the registered guests that also have Airbnb accounts.

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There is no way to be sure without checking ID who is coming to stay.

Is this a requirement from your local authority or insurance company? If so, simply ask the guest telling them your reasons. I’m sure they’ll be fine about it.


Like you I don’t care about “the details” but want to know who is staying with me.

Don’t worry about gender IDs because as @Ritz3 mentioned could be part of a group review.

Also I’ve had a couple of guests based upon appearance and name, that I couldn’t tell if male, female, transitioning, etc. I want to be respectful and I haven’t perfected using gender neutral terms. I try to they & them but it isn’t embedded in the way I write yet.

Are the reviews good? Yay you have a good guest reservation.

BTW Airbnb permits ID checks at check-in to confirm who arrives is the person making reservation. Or used to, I can’t find it on Airbnb HELP.

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