Refund from Expedia after tribunal case in Australia

I saw that and was thinking of posting it. I guess it has implications in Australia but probably not outside. I found the defence of the Expedia lawyer particularly rubbish: “everyone knows we exaggerate in our advertising so no reasonable person would believe us when we say we can guarantee that all our places are as good as described”.


So they are doing the complete opposite of undersell And over delivering …:grinning:


@JamJerrupSunset you may be right.

However, if a hungry investigative reporter with a decent news outlet decides to investigate this further to see if this is a pattern of deceptive advertising, I think there may be a larger area of implications:
-The property was in the USA.
-The booking company operates internationally.
-The guest was from AU.
-The company admitted that it knew some listings were not as represented on the booking website & failed to provide a refund or alternate acceptable accomodations (what a nightmare for the guest!)

Then of course in a follow up story some fool will refer to all STRs as Airbnb’s (it seems like they almost always do!)