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Refinancing With Airbnb Income

For UK hosts, RBS/NatWest are happy to take STR income into account, at least they did pre Covid…



Yep, the info I posted only applies to properties in the US.

Thanks @JohnF I didn’t know banks here did that.

It looks like I might be able to refi at the end of my forbearance next April, when they add the missed payments to the end of my loan. But I’m paying 5.25% on my 2005 30 year mortgage because I haven’t been able to refi before, so refinancing would save me a lot of interest.

My house is a 2-level duplex, and the upstairs apartment’s rooms have been on Air for 2 years before COVID, and was rented on annual apartment leases before that. Because of heating costs the old place always ran a loss for tax purposes. allowed for owner occupied rentals. As a matter of fact, it will continue to do so until I can add more bathrooms and raise the rates.

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