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Referring guests to your own property for the $20 travel credit

We have been funneling guests on our website to the $20 referral fee on airbnb. Since then, we’ve gathered a ton of pending referral fees. We found it odd that we weren’t ever receiving the $20 travel credit once the guest stayed with us. Well, here’s the deal, airbnb will not give a host the travel credit if the guest stays with you first. You will only get the travel credit on their second stay somewhere else or if their first stay is not with your property. Seems kind of unfair and they’re not transparent about this either which is why I’m sharing it here. Hope this helps.

I have noticed this too, but now the discount is showing $35 not $20 as well! We have a ton of pending credits, I guess it will come in handy if they ever book elsewhere. =)

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