Reduced rates for last minute bookings

Am looking for a tool that will automatically adjust prices for last minute bookings. Is there anyone out there who is aware of one?

I know there are many hosts who dislike bookings coming in at short notice. However, in my case, I actually prefer getting a guest at a rate of perhaps 40% less if they book on the day of arrival, rather than have the room stay empty. However, I don’t feel like doing this manually, every day. Does anyone know a tool that is able to automatically lower prices for last minute bookings?

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Hmm, I would like something similar that increases my prices, let us know if you find something, suppose it would need to be an external service.

If you use Wheelhouse for pricing, I believe you can set last minute discounts.

Thanks Arlene. I signed up for a trial at just now. Let’s see how this works.

You’ll want to checkout Pricelabs. They allow you to decrease pricing for last minute unbooked days, increase pricing for orphan nights, increase minimum stay requirements for days further out, and a few other neat tricks.

I use Beyondpricing, and they also allow you to set last minute discounts.

yeah we use wheelhouse for our listing. so far so good. Just make sure you increase prices for when you know big events happen in your area.

My co-host has this option right now but it’s tagged as BETA, which I understand means it’s being tested? So looks like Air is in the process of developing this option.

President Trump just announced that he will be coming to the WEF in Davos, Switzerland, this month, which means a bed in a 16 bed dorm is now selling at 450 CHF (approx 450 US$) a night. The only Airbnb still available in Davos is available at 1,500 CHF a night.

The Swiss sure know how to increase prices for big events happening in their area. I think they are overdoing it, though. does exactly what you’re looking for. It’s also a free service which is nice!