Red notification on app that won't disappear!

There is a red 1 by the app on my phone, but when I load the app, I can’t find anything else notifying me of what is causing the red 1. Anyone know why it’s there and how to get rid of it?

It might, just might, be an unanswered message that you’ve received. Don’t know for sure because I don’t use phone apps.

My husband and I have been experiencing this for the last week as well. It’s driving us bonkers.

Complaints about this are everywhere! Been an issue for a few weeks. The greatest annoyance is, if you actually DO get a new message, the number doesn’t increment so you have to constantly check.

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And on top of that, I haven’t been truly getting notifications consistently. We got an IB the other day we weren’t notified about!!! Thankfully it’s a few weeks out and my husband discovered it about 12 hours after booking…

Now that is unacceptable! I am spending more time checking into my listing with a browser since I am not trusting the regular notification channels. Have you also noticed how slowly the emails about an inquiry are arriving? Lately as much as 20 minutes behind my phone app alert.

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Oh dear, this certainly seems like a proper programming error. I cannot find anything in the app that needs addressing. There are no messages that need reading, there are a couple of pending requests, but both that have been seen and the red 1 is still there. Since this is a problem that the programming team need to address, does anyone know the best way to contact them?

They certainly know about this. Their own forum has been screaming about this for weeks.

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Deleting the app and re-installing doesn’t work, fyi.

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Yeh I tried that too

Thanks for letting me know anyway, I had higher hopes that they would find out the cause of this error and fix it!

Just so I can also raise the issue to them, is there a specific email to post to? Or what is the best way to report errors to them?

I’ve got a bazillion notifications on my app that I ignore. Most are review reminders!

I have found that I have to log into AirBnB on my computer and then find the message with the notification showing “unread”. Once I read the message on my computer and refresh the app on my phone, the notification goes away. Really annoying.

This has been an app issue for several weeks, where the message indicator would not go off unless I responded to the message. An updated version of the App was released 2 days ago and seems to have fixed the issue.