Red Flag Averted

Luckily, after being on this site for a while now, I quickly identified this one. :slight_smile:

Pre-approval message:
I have a friend who owns a vacation rental and always prefers being contacted directly because of fees accessed to him through Airbnb. He offers discounts for that as well, any chance that’s the case for you as well?

My reply:
Payments outside of the system are not allowed under the AirBnB terms of agreement. As such, I will be forwarding this conversation to the Customer Support team for review.

Which I did…


The message by itself isn’t a problem. Tons of hosts here do exactly that. Maybe offer a discount isn’t the right word but they have a reduced price that reflects reduced costs? The problem was the guest blatantly mentioning it on the Airbnb platform. I would probably also report them but there’s no indication that the guest wouldn’t be a good one.


I usually reply with something like, when searching online there are many options.

Thanks for inquiring about River Rock Retreat in “my town ca”

So then they can google me and find my direct booking site.


And people wonder why I use IB … so much easier :slight_smile:


I do too, but it doesn’t prevent guests from sending these types of messages.

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I do have IB on, but he didn’t qualify. No surprise! :slight_smile:

No it doesn’t. I get them fairly often. But a quick reply from a saved message is all that’s needed.