Recourse for 1-star Arrival review?

I recently received a one-star review for “arrival” because a lady thought that my keycafe location was too inconvenient. It is a 290 metre/950 foot walk, which is further than I’d like it to be. Do I have any recourse? I can appreciate that something like 3 stars would be reasonable, but her one star review has basically killed my overall rating for Arrival - it’s now 4.7, which is too low to be considered for Airbnb’s “work collection”. I’m tempted to call up Airbnb but I suspect they won’t be willing to change or remove the rating. Any advice?

They wont do anything. Her experiece of getting the keys was 1*. Someone gave me 3* on checkin because they had a fall on the building stairs on their way to my apartment. No hope

No recourse that I can see. YOU chose to use a keysafe that is the length of a football pitch from your front door. YOU have to live with the consequences, or change them.

I too would downgrade you if I had to walk 600 meters to get my key, especially if I were a woman traveling alone dragging a suitcase for 600 meters. That’s ridiculous, even in a European city/country where people walk everywhere! By the time I lugged my suitcase that far, I’d give you one star also!!

Put a keysafe on the wall of your flat. Or hide a key under the Welcome mat. Better yet – be there to greet guests when they arrive!


It’s 290 metres, not 600! Two city blocks. It’s also in the middle of winter here in Toronto (Canada) and the guest was from New Brunswick, a place that gets even more snow, so I have no idea why she would ever think it’s a good idea to lug a suitcase any distance in this weather, given that there could easily be a foot of snow on the sidewalk at any given time. Most guests know enough to take a taxi or Uber, stop at the keycafe to get the keys, then continue to my place in the car.

She also selected “difficult to find” and “unclear instructions” which makes no sense, since other guests have commented that my instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

The listing is in a condo building that doesn’t allow any modifications in the hallway, so no lockbox by the door permitted, not even a welcome mat. Almost all listings here use a self check-in process, people don’t expect or want to be met in person. I used to force people to use the August Home app to let themselves in, but found that a physical key pickup was easier for most people.

My understanding was that a 1 star review denotes a horrendous experience, not a minor inconvenience. I once got a one star cleanliness review from a guest, but he was an extremely unpleasant person with serious anger issues. This lady seemed quite reasonable in comparison and left me a relatively positive review otherwise, so I assume she just didn’t realize how bad a 1 star arrival rating was for me.

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Airbnb wont do anything. I got 1* general review and ABB didnt do anything although it was clear;y hate review. he have me 4 and 5 start for every chapter and 1* general because I insisted he left at 11 am, when was the check out time. he wanted to stay to use the internet. I also got 4 star review for entrance because the gate in the fence was a bit hard to open. I suggest you move the lockbox closer. some people dont like or perhaps they cant walk; what do I know? But ABB doesnt do anything.

Yes, I aslo had someone say my house was difficult to find even if I send details instructions and 3 pics of the house and other people said it was very easy to find and easy to get in. There are people and people.

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@cooperjto, Did you get the 1* for Overall or just for Arrival/Check In? If it wasn’t for Overall Experience, it really means nothing in the grand scheme of things. If it was for Overall, then yeah, it sucks but AirBnB won’t change it or remove it, it is the guests opinion.

Would a keypad lock count as an illegal modification? It may be easier than dealing with a physical key… no pick up/drop off or lost key headaches