Recommended Price - Best One Ever!

Airbnb recommends my listing for $10

Only 1 day after, they are back at $228

Magical :star2:


Wow! And I thought my suggested prices were way off!!

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That’s a great one!! I absolutely hate their recommended price.


:rofl:, good one!!!

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Those tips are so ridiculous! Air keeps telling me that others booked a place for XXX$ less which would equal booking an entire apt. with a view and free parking in the city for about $30. I’ve yet to see any listings in our area for that little, so I don’t see how it’s even possible.


I don’t think Airbnb is smart enough to know if the place is similar at all. It’s probably comparing smaller and/or shared places that got booked and are cheaper because well, they’re different types of listings

They DO KNOW. It’s in their system that one place is renting a room and the other is a 3bdrm house with a Jacuzzi. It’s all in their good ol’ DB.

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I just got one. “Your listing appeared in search for this night but people booked other listings that are about $115 less per night.” The rate for that night was $135. $20 for a two bedroom, two bath house on 1.6 acres with a studio out-building.


Well, sort of. My private 3-room suite, that’s separated from the rest of the house and has it’s own entrance, is viewed by ABB the same as a room in a house.

What do you mean? That is an entire place. It’s not a shared space like a room. I have similar. My place is classified as a separate space, which is what it is. But it has no entrance through any other means than the private one.

Airbnb’s price recommendations are (usually) a joke. I thought the algorithm ought to be smart at least to some degree. Well, it’s not and intentionally so. It makes no difference between 1bd, 2bd, 3bd… apartments, houses, …as opposed to rooms. Also, it does not take into account amenities and past reviews, not to mention the location. Nothing (except the going rate) gets taken into account.

Airbnb’s algorithm simply looks for the lowest booked rate anywhere around and shows you the difference to your current rate. That’s it. Once you know this, you disregard their recommendations. Simple as that.


I’ve read a few blogs on their ‘smart pricing’ seems it’s not that smart at all. From what I have seen this tool can be used to price local hotels out, at our cost. I’ve just signed up for a trial on Wheelhouse to see if it’s any better. I would be interested to hear if you guys have used it, and how you went?

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