Recommendation : software that has Multi Unit Listing + unified inbox

Hello guys.

I’m looking for a property management/channel manager software that has below requirement

  1. at least 3 OTA channels - Airbnb, bookingcom, agoda
  2. supports multiple unit per listing for Airbnb
  3. has unified inbox so that messages from all OTA will be sync in one place.

I know guesty and getdirectio. but guesty is pricey and getdirect doesn’t respond. Any other alternative you know about?

What do you mean by #2?
Keep in mind that the AirBnB API is very Limited.

Currently none of the software I know has all the things you need.
But your best option at this moment is Sabeeapp.
They have a very good channelmanager with loads of channels. A good AirBnB connection.
They are working at a unified inbox that should be available this year.
Also their booking engine for generating direct bookings is very nice.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply.

2 - having one listing but the availability for each day is more than 1. For example hotels have a few same room. But you only need one listing to sell em.

And yes Sabeeapp is nice but for the price, it is almost the same as Guesty. :frowning: And like you’ve mentioned, they don’t have a unified inbox as of now.

Thanks for the input Chris.

As far as I know the AirBnB API does not support this feature. Also their Terms do not allow this unless AirBnB gives explicit permission.

True, Sabeeapp has no unified inbox, therefor it has a very good channelmanager.
Guesty does not have a channelmanager, they need you to get an account with a 3rd party to do the channelmanagement.

From al the startups that I have seen, Sabeeapp comes closest to a real Channelmanager like SiteMinder and DIRS21.

I am also still looking for the “perfect” software.

Currently the market is being swamped by startups that want a piece of the AirBnB pie.
There are so many offers on the market, but 95% is still a startup and their software lacks important functionality.

It is interesting to see that most of the software are build around the concept of pushed bookings, completely evolving around OTA’s.
They are completely oblivious about the classic concept of pulled bookings, where a host has to actively send out offers to attract a guest. If you speak to the developers, and explain that a guest sometimes just wants to know the price for certain dates, and wants to compare offers offline, they go blank…
“They can see this on the website” is their standard answer, they cannot understand that guests do not want to go trough an endless number of sites comparing prices.