Recommendation needed for a hotel-like thermostat

I’m looking to change thermostats - I’d like recommendations for the specific need I have below; the Nest is great but I need one that:

  1. allows min and max range, so that a guest could go up to it, turn up the heat, but limits them (for ex to 73 rather than 85 lol).

  2. has app control like the Nest (able to reset temps etc)

In a hotel, you have a thermo in the room but even if you set it to 40 degrees in summer, it never goes below (for ex) 72. The guest cannot destroy your system.

Right now I only have ‘locked’ and ‘unlocked’ as Nest options, and guests can esily go crazy with them.

I have Ecobee and it checks the boxes

nice! which model? And, do you allow your guests to ‘play’ with the temps?

I think they are the 2nd generation model, I have a range set so the guests can adjust within the range. Also if I see windows open and I happen to check the app and see the heat running I will turn it way down.


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