Recent survey from Airbnb

Did anyone receive a host survey from Airbnb within last two weeks? The first 4 or so questions were normal, but deeper into the survey the questions were a bit concerning so I closed it up and didn’t do the survey. Anyone else receive one?

I can’t recall. What were the questions about that made you stop?

I no longer take those surveys. There was a recent one from or another site and they were just trying to gather info on which sites I list with, etc.

Many of those sites send out the surveys to try to find out how much money you are earning from other sites too. The more info we provide, the easier for them to gouge and increase subscription fees, or increase guest service fees - forcing owners to reduce their prices in order to compensate.

Yeah I stopped too. Nothing I ever suggested was implemented so I’m kinda over wasting my time with surveys.

It was Airbnb, and unfortunately I can’t locate. Will look again later.

No…no. Don’t waste any time locating the survey. Was just wondering if you recall some of the questions you didn’t like. If not, I wouldn’t look for it.

I was just saying that often times the surveys aren’t really about customer satisfaction, but they are just a guise to find out more info about the owners. And in turn that info will be exploited.

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Yeah – I remember questions probing about discrimination both as a host and guest – had I experienced it, had I done it, had My first through was that they were really going overboard on this discrimination thing – AGAIN!

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I remember doing that survey. I can’t remember many of the questions, but some of them were:
-what percentage of your income comes from Airbnb,
-what are you doing with the money,
-would you be in financial hardship if you lost that income.

Thread revival!

Just recently received the latest version of the survey. I was going to to vent about the system changes completely stuffing my listing with them but the survey crashes out at approx. 75%. Not even clearing my cache allows a continuance or restart.
I replied to the email saying as much but doubt it’s looked at.
Pretty pointless really.

I am hoping a survey comes along that asks “what emails from airbnb would you like to opt out of”

answer: “any email that says ‘reservation reminder’…”

We aren’t fans of thread revivals, especially not 6+ year old ones.

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