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Recent Smart Lock Recommendations Anyone?


Vera controller and Yale ZWave lock. I control everything remotely and get the added bonus of being able to control additional things in the house as needed for guests (Nest as an example).


I gave up the idea of remote lock because Insurance company will not cover my house if have those lock. I hope in the future there will be remote locks approved by insurance companies

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When guest arrive at the hotel, they can open the door lock by the mobile phone APP. As long as the guest has booked the room online, Bonwin smart wireless lock can be done for your hotel. Learn more about this lock:


hey it looks like this thread is a bit dated and I hope you found a good product, but if not you might want to take a lookup rapitt which takes a whole a new approach to key-handling.
(full disclosure: I am one of the makers.)-

The way it works is you can drop-off the key to your apartment at a nearby store or local business shop that have signed up with the app and send a copy of the app to the guest who’s authorized to pick up the key. The app guides the guest to the store where the key is currently at and informs you for confirmation when a key handover is happening so that you can be sure only the intended person gets the key. All of this viewable and tracked in real-time.

this feature is currently in internal testing currently but if you like to try it before release, DM me, and I’ll be happy to help you.


There are so many out there with many different features sometimes it is hard to decide. For example, if I were to get a smart lock, I would want one with bluetooth or wifi ability to walk up to it with my smartphone in my pocket and the door will automatically unlock. It would not necessary need to have a guest mode. It would nice to have an app with notification every time someone open or attempts to open the door whether it be a key or a code.

I have Schlage BE365’s installed but the problem is that guests go out and forget to lock the door behind them and therefore changing at least one to the Schlage BE469 which I can also integrate with my ZWave system and can customize as much as I like.


I use the August Smart Locks. Have upgraded a few from 2nd generation to 3rd with Door Sense so that I can turn off nest heat/air conditioning if the door is open too long. I use them with the connect hub for remote access.

I also like Turbolocks for individual rooms and sheds and am considering the Bluetooth smart ones that I can access remotely as well. Both turbolocks are very cost effective.


Why in the world would you do this? Just make the last 4 digits of the guest’s phone number the code, and delete it when she leaves. Easier for guests to remember the code, too.

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We are old school, using keypad entry with deadbolts. I would love to have them on the rooms, too. But I still get people who can’t seem to use keypads!


Hi etozer,

The Airlocking System might be the answer for what you are looking for. I have cut and pasted the following from their website:


AirLocking ships you a Smart lock system. You just need to connect the system to the internet and follow the straightforward instructions to install the lock.

AirLocking automatically emails your guests’ door codes in advance of their trips along with other check-in information you wish to pass along. You are copied on these emails for your tracking.

AirLocking seamlessly links with your Airbnb calendar to track reservations. The AirLocking portal provides status information and allows you to control guest notifications.

AirLocking enables the door code in the lock at check-in time and disables it after checkout time. AirLocking also allows you to have codes for your own use which are separate from the guest codes.

CHECK-OUT BUTTON: (Patent Pending)
Airlocking has added a new feature–a CHECK-OUT BUTTON. When guests leave, they are asked to push this button. Instantly, the Host is alerted to their departure and can proceed with Cleaning Services or Repairs.

I hope this helps.


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