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Recent problems with older guests


Yes, we replied with nothing but helpfulness as we are “Superhosts” :smile:


Thank you for your wise words. I agree and find that the more I can engage a potential guest in dialogue that usually runs along the lines of "please let me know if you have any questions or special needs so that I may be able to accommodate you during your stay. I find that in almost every case that by trying to put my best foot forward in the very beginning has been very beneficial for both the guest and myself. It also has given me legitimate reasons to decline a reservation without hard feelings or repercussions and the probable difficult guest is none the wiser.
I actually love hosting and feel my world has become richer by hosting wonderful people of all ages from around the world. But then I am a very curious person and if a guest wanted a newspaper to read in the morning I would probably have tried to get them one just to see what they were interested in. I live in a small, somewhat remote town and don’t have all the usual amenities that most locations do so I am pretty hungry for “what’s out there.” I find that many of my guests have helped to bring the world to my doorstep. Sounds like you are probably a great host.
Good luck and happy hosting.


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I am pretty hungry for “what’s out there.” I find that many of my guests have helped to bring the world to my doorstep.
@quiltereloise You sound like a person that enjoys learning and has never stopped; a sense of inquiry throughout life is a beautiful thing.


I just “googled” issues with older Airbnb guests and this forum came up. I just want to say that I have had a handful of negative reviews and I would say 80% of them are from older guests who have unreasonably high expectations for my $70 per night room. I came here to see if others had the same issues and it seems that this is pretty common. My thought is that these older people have become accustomed to the amenities of hotels and expect you to provide them with the same level of service. But what blows me away is that they are too cheap to pay for the hotel and then complain when the ammenitiies of the airbnb are up to their expectations.


LOL. You threw out a entire batch just because of that?!


Here we go again! Who is the most entitled generation? Baby boomers v. Millennials, round two. Gen X-ers are off the hook.


I just had this with my own dear daughter (who had just stayed here, free of course, with children and husband, delicious meals and babysitting thrown in) when I told her that we tend to get on really well with the despised Millennials. I suggested maybe the next-but-one generations tend to like each other. Her response? “Oh, the Boomers and the Millennials - the two most selfish generations ever. Well, that’s a surprise.”

I was so shocked I nearly burnt the dress she’d asked me to iron …


Just curious, what are the problems most commonly associated with older folks? I can tolerate the "you should serve me " attitude because my culture puts a premium on seniority and I have no problems with that. But I would very much want to avoid guests who host parties and break things. Most of my guests have been young (below 40) and there has been unattended spills, broken door knobs, a very dirty microwave, 3 broken door stoppers, several ugly marks on the walls, dents on the timber floor, stains in the carpet, strange sticky spills in the balcony, etc. I’ve hosted less than 4 months!


People love to stereotype.


Oh good grief. I guess some people just have to find someone to gripe about.

Why is it ok to stereotype ages?

Also in the blink of an eye the people who are 20/30s will be 60/70s—they just don’t know how quickly it happens


What amenities do they think are lacking?


Whatever they are, I can’t imagine what a $70 hotel room offers that a $70 Airbnb room doesn’t.

It absolutely isn’t okay.


“As you are now, I once was…as I am now, you will be”


Age doesnt have to do anything to do with it. it is a matter of education and manners. In this respect yes, you can find young people who are rude, unwashed and very disrespectful, just like you can find old people too. To generalize that old people smell and patronize… it’s a bit too much.

I had old people who were wonderful guests and young people who were not so go figure.


Okay, we will. It’s ageist. The entire post. Like I actually have to pick up my mouth off the floor right now, I’m so dumbfounded. Or maybe it’s my teeth…because I’m now feeling so old…or maybe I just can’t remember, since my mind isn’t what it used to be…lol

I know this is an “old” post (snicker) but it just showed up in my feed. Maybe some whippersnapper needs to help me with this newfangled technology and interwebs stuff? lol

I do not have enough eye rolls for this post. Good Lord.


We tend to ignore him . It’s better not to feed the troll.

Have you looked at his other posts??


“My ideal guests are white hip cool good looking hetrosexual(straight) people aged 18-40(athiest/christian/or Jewish) from western countries only, but if I only allow that market, I will be called rascist/homophobic and discrimanatory to black people/asians/muslims/homosexuals and people from non-western countries.” Wow Steve. I’d like to know where you are located so I can avoid you as a host.


If I were a betting man - which I’m not being female - then I’d lay odds on Steve no longer being a host. Note that his post was from over two years ago and lasting as an Airbnb host for more than two years with that attitude? I don’t think so!


Thank you for pointing out the age of Steve’s posts. I doubt he is still hosting too.

My comments were about this post… I don’t think the author realizes how the phrase “these older people” affects emotions like the phrase “those people”. Talk about a blood pressure boiler!!!


I wouldn’t want casual readers to think that Steve is representative of Airbnb hosts! Note, casual reader, that we all think he’s completely bonkers :slight_smile:

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