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Recent problems with older guests


As was suggested, I think you could make it clear to older guests that yours is not the best place. Playing the victim, whining and blaming others for your problems isn’t going to help you. Maybe you shouldn’t host at all considering there are so few of your kind of humans on the planet.


You are having a laugh right?


Not long ago, we had an elderly couple arrive demanding to know if I was the gardener, and protesting that I was too young to own this house.


Don’t engage with this clown Karma.


Oh, I know and I’ve previously posted the same. But, it’s so much fun. Imagine what kind of awful old fart he is going to be if he’s already such a miserable sort?


I would say that most of our guests are of the over 50 persuasion. My husband and I really enjoy the old folk…heck, I just turned 50!!! They’ve got lots of stories that we talk about over our weekend breakfasts. However, I was taken back by this message from an inquiring old guy, so I can see a little bit how Steve50005 (or whatever) would have a negitive impression if they were all so direct. This was copy/pasted and just sounded bossy to me - that’s a no pleasantries kinda guy :slight_smile:

“My question is , are there taxes for this stay that are not indicated on this web site ?? How early can we get coffee in the morning ( my wife is an early riser ) . Do you get the local or any news paper that I can read.”


Yes, total b.s. If anyone has demonstrated that they are a control freak it’s Steve.

Wow, I just read his comments below about his ideal demographic. As someone pointed out here, he really is a troll who’s trying to stir up trouble.


I kind of like this guy’s questions - very direct and to the point. It sounds like he is very detailed and would actually READ the house rules…ha!


Tooo funny! Thanks for sharing that. It’s always a huge red flag when you start getting messages like this as both parties home in on making the reservation final. It’s when I come up with an excuse, or else I just flat out check “decline” without any explanation. The scary reservations I’ve had are the ones that initially seem just fine; the person can write complete sentences and seems “normal” so you “accept”. But then panic sets in when you start receiving comments and requests like the ones you posted–and you know you’re sunk! You can’t cancel but wish they would.


And yet, everyone wonders why Airbnb is trying to make it harder to discriminate.


I don’t know. Would Romeo get cracked for not having the morning paper at his doorstep?

Most millenials don’t even read a newspaper let alone subscribe., so this is kind of an old person thing, as I am often told by my kids. :wink:


This thread started out weird and only got weirder.


Many of my least likeable and most problematic guests have been older couples. They just didn’t get the whole concept of Airbnb, they couldn’t quite get their heads around the fact that I live here too and that no, it’s not ok to completely re-arrange my kitchen. On the other hand, some of my favourite ever guests have been in this age bracket. Bottom line, you can just never tell what a guest will be like until they arrive. I very rarely decline anyone. I converse and let it play out. @steve5500 do you travel on Airbnb? If yes, presumably you only travel to “Western” countries and book solely with white heterosexual hosts? How enlightened.


Hahaha. We do have a habit of drifting into unpredictable realms of thought.


This is a classic example of a statement that could use the benefit of voice tone. I would definitely engage this potential guest further to try to discover from where exactly he is coming from.


Yeah, I think these are reasonable questions as he’s just trying to prepare for the trip. Nothing worse than a surprise $30-50 added to your reservation, or not knowing to bring cash for taxes.

So maybe a reply of “No, any taxes I pay are part of my nightly fee, (or yes, our country requires a x% tax that you should provide in cash when you arrive), I have a keurig/pot in my kitchen that she is welcome to use at any time as long as quiet hours are followed, and I’ve never had the paper delivered, but 2 blocks away there’s a little store that sells them. It’s a convenient little shop that also has items you could pick up if you forgot something.”


Exactly Sarah, if the fellow was simply asking to know it’s innocent enough, if in a tone that denotes expectation and with an air of criticism already guessing at the answer, then is a whole different matter.


And it’s so hard to tell tone via written language. He may not be a native speaker either. Pleasantly worded replies are the best way to figure out if he’s inquiring or expecting.


As an old-hand salesperson (‘objections are opportunities’) I love questions because they are a great way to do more selling. For example ‘The great news is that there are no extra taxes or fees at all!’

I once had a guest who said that our rental was ‘dated’. I said ‘Well, that’s the way you and I see it, Bob, but for youngsters today, it’s retro or vintage’. A few days later he was raving about our ‘historic’ place :slight_smile:


bwahaha. Yeah, I make it clear in my posting that my place is “old”. But then I have it decorated nicely. It helps that my house is 95 years old and really cool looking, so it turns into a talking point. For nice people I offer house tours (If my kids clean up after themselves).

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