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Received "Guest" Spam

Beware. Potential guest messages me, says they see my listing in two places on the site with different prices and gives an entirely different website link to prove their point. Asks me “Which one should I rent?” Airbnb auto pop up message suggests it might be spam and says they will allow me to decline w/o penalty and they’ll investigate. Of course I declined. Has this happened to anyone else? I assume the link would’ve taken me to some sort of advertising, or worse. Hoping airbnb honors their promise not to penalize me.

Yes, it’s quite common so don’t worry :slight_smile:

It’s worse than spam, it’s a phishing scam. They are trying to get your Airbnb login information. If you use your Airbnb credentials to login on their fake website, they will steal your credentials and use them for various nefarious purposes, including redirecting your payouts to their bank account and scamming other real guests with your listing.

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@Meg1 Re the penalty thing- these scams always come in as inquiries, I believe. Message the scammer back before reporting- whatever-“No”, “You’ve been reported”, “F off”, but do message back.

I’ve read several host posts who said they were told the same thing about no penalties and their response or acceptance rate got dinged anyway.

And you should never click the decline button on a inquiry anyway- just messaging back within 24 hours is all that’s required- it’s different from a booking request.

Thanks, everyone. Distressing that we could get dinged when it’s not our fault. Not as distressing as getting our account hijacked would be, though. Appreciate all the helpful info.

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