Received a Cease and Desist from Apartment building

I rent out an apartment that i don’t own, so i know that i’m breaking the terms of the lease. They sent me a letter saying to stop renting out on airbnb or my lease will be terminated.

What should i do now to make sure this doesn’t impact my guests as well as my standing as a host?
It seems like:

  1. inform future guests and try to accomodate them in another listing/refund them
  2. talk with apartment management company and see if there are any other options (probably not)

I’ve already snoozed the listing for the apartment so that no other guests book.

What do you think would be good steps?

Call AirBNB. Tell them you have legal issues with renting via AirBNB. They will re-house all your future guests. You are out of the game.


I would call Airbnb and have the remaining bookings canceled. Hopefully without penalty. Offer to work with them in accommodating the guests with other hosts you may know locally.


Prior posters are correct call Airbnb. They can be very helpful. My Dad’s HOA recently banned short term rentals. Airbnb was very accommodating to rehome his guests.

As another poster pointed out on a different thread, Airbnb has become accustomed to assisting with rentals being banned (e.g. NY City) or situations like my father’s HOA.

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This happened to me back in 2010 and Air BNB canceled without issues, and asked me to help find them new accommodations! LOL

My guess is now that ABB is more savy they will rehome the guests for you.