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RECAP LINK: Chesky Live today 3/30 at 3 pm PT

A message to our hosts from CEO Brian Chesky (if anyone cares :wink:


He’ll be answering some of your questions about our extenuating circumstances policy, how to host during COVID-19, and more.

Watch it live at 3:00 p.m. PT Monday, March 30.

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I really don’t. And even if I thought he was well meaning, no one knows what’s going to happen. Unless he is announcing something like the sale of the company…


I get “The Money Sound” and noooo it’s not an ethical dilemma… it’s just Chesky.

So what did he say? I was busy catching up on Cuomo’s daily briefing from today which, on a scale of importance to me, is UP HERE. :point_up_2:

… and Brian Chesky is down here. :point_down:


It’s Pacific time…so nothing yet :wink:

Oh! I assumed I missed it! Or they would tell me what time it was in my time zone. Good. I hope I am awake.

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I was impressed. He seemed to cover all the bases.

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I would imagine that the 25% refund will only cover those hosts with a strict cancellation policy.

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That would be rich given that Airbnb encourages flexible policy. Not that it matters to me, I’m not due any significant money. Maybe $15.


I missed it and there’s no recap yet. What is the 25% refund? Thanks!


Yeah, we’ll get nothing. Kind of wish I’d had that strict policy now :smirk:


Interesting how they have arrived at that $250M figure. That’s enough to cover $1bn booking value. But is it sufficient to cover a 2.5 month period (mid March to end of May) for all qualifying cancellations across the world?

I’ve said before that I’m thankful I never had to rely on Airbnb to live. That will never change and now I have even more reason to put some distance between them and me. All the risks I banged on about for years, I never thought this (a disease) would be the main one but it was on my list.


Chesky said that guests who cancelled as a result of COVID will receive a message inviting them to send money to the host anyway as a donation in recognition of difficulties being experienced by hosts. I will really look forward to how that pans out. Not sure if you have to be a superhost for that to happen.


Can someone please re-cap? I made it in late to the live session unfortunately. Was there mention about host-requested cancellations? As a host who does all my own cleaning, along with my health history of 3 previous heart surgeries, I felt it best to cancel. We had back-to-back guests who were coming from all over and some who had traveled out of the country recently. Tough choice for sure as this is our primary income! :frowning:


They don’t say that, but yeah, it probably affects a very small percentage of reservations at listings with Moderate policy and everything else is Strict.

I don’t know if they would even send that to any guests of listings with Flexible policy, but I expect to receive exactly $0.00 from my 6 or 7 cancellations.


A sort of begging message you might say.

Ho hum.



It appears that Airbnb is offering $260 million mea culpa package.

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