Really bad guest experience!

I hosted Richard Keets: HE WAS A NIGHTMARE!! He stayed with his wife for four days, in which time he spilt coffee on my white walls (which cost me 100 pounds to repaint), lost my PhD thesis by putting it on top of the fridge without telling me. Finally, when they left, I asked them to post my keys through the letterbox and they LEFT THEM HANGING OUT the front door!!

As I was so upset I chose not to write a review but was mortified today to see that they had left me an awful review: I will admit that I was working heavily and the place was not as tidy as usual, however they left greasy pots and pans everywhere when they left. I was so upset I will be taking a leave from the site. I have spoken to my previous guests (who have all been wonderful) who have expressed their shock and sadness about this review.

I wanted to complain to Air BnB but there is nothing to do it, so instead decided that I would post on here to warn any hosts who may come across them in future… if you look at my previous reviews you will see that everyone else was really happy and satisfied and I was very pleased with them


This is unavoidable Sarah! Don’t take it to heart! Unfair reviews are part of the game. They don’t mean anything. There are some truly miserable people out there but there are even more really nice ones. If you allow this one jerk to shut you down, he wins. Leave a reference response that succinctly but politely points out his shortcomings and response to his negatives. That’ll get the message to other hosts that this guy isn’t a guest they want. You’ll go on with your stellar reviews and this one review will fall from sight.


Thank you Stephanie for the advice it is really appreciated. Like I said I have been very lucky up til now and I don’t want him to ruin it for me. I replied to his review stating all of what I held issue with so hopefully in time it will be proceeded with nicer people and good reviews :slight_smile:

I had one terrible review because of 2 dead termites on a floor, and brought my score so low, I still can’t recover. He put 1 on everything.
As Stefany said it is unavoidable. I am in business, so I am not that sensitive to bad reviews, because I know one thing for sure: you can’t please everybody.
Why should you loose nice income because of him.?
No one will take 1 bad review seriously, if others are good.

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Next time, Sarah… leave the review at the last second (11:59pm) on the last day of the review period so you can be honest without potential retaliation.

If they have already left you one, then by all means, go ahead and smack them. It’s unacceptable…this is horrible, stressful and nervewracking behavior by a guest. You can also professionally respond to the bad review, but be aware it prints your whole response and therefore draws attention to it. Guests want to see how you respond to a complaint, so compose carefully before hitting submit.

Thanks for the replies guys I feel a lot better knowing that I’m not alone. I will definitely ensure that I always leave leave a review in future regardless of whether it is good or not. Really hoping that I can go back to nice people again and that I don’t have to worry about this…

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As I have said here before, I don’t review every guest because it has backfired on me. I’ve come up with a method to ensure that guests who leave “glowing” really WILL leave a good review and most of them do. I have 69 positive reviews now so I am fairly sure that’s plenty. I have learned if you review everyone (except for those at the very last minute) even the ones you think loved you, it could prompt them to spank you about something. Better to say nothing unless you have something horrible or something truly wonderful to say.

Just what I have learned over the years…

I’m happily in a good spell of guests at the moment! May it last!!!

Here’s the latest:

Reviews are written at the end of a reservation through Airbnb. Reviews you’ve received will be visible both here and on your public profile.


As soon as we arrived K made us feel welcome! The studio has a beautiful view of the ocean. The place is very cute with Hawaiian decorative touches. The beach just down the hill is very cool! The beach gear provided is a plus. Make sure to check out the DVD that a scuba diver friend of K’s made showing all the beauty the water right off the beach has to offer before you go snorkeling. We really enjoyed talking with K and getting great advice on what to do around the Big Island. She has a wealth of knowledge.

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What Sherry loved about your listing:
The best things about staying here were the view, beach and the host! We loved the Kilauea Iki trail you recommended!

September 2015

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Sarah, I just got a bad review as a guest. The house did not have a/c in the main living area as was advertised. It was 83 at 10:30 pm and we could not open the doors or windows - no screens. I asked to be released from our second night of the reservation and the host balked. So I took it to resolution and she refunded immediately.

Her review simply stated “It is highly unlikely I’ll ever rent to this family again”.

Made me sound like I burned down her house or stole her jewels. She could have said something about the fact that we took out our trash, stripped the beds, etc.

Really, just let it go and move on. Hospitality is so tough because it involves us so personally. But we just are not going to be everyone’s favorite.

Hang in there -

Oh, and my public response to her review was “While it was a disappointing experience for us all, Heather, we wish you the best with your rental”.

I made it clear that I wasn’t to happy either, but that I was still the nice one. ; )

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Sarah it’s unfortunate when we get a bad review. Those are the one we remember. Because you have many positive review, the non positive will stick out as “the guest is picky” or the “guest isn’t the best”. It really will not be reflecting on you.

I just had a guest state that I went inside their private apartment and snooped. A HUGE thing in my book and a lie. I smelled pot smoke the day they were checking out and I was PISSED. I told them how upset I was and that I was contacting Airbnb. No one did anything and they gave me that review. I provided a response. I tried to be professional about it, but the review will always live there and I’ll always remember it.

The beauty is that it will soon be buried by the other reviews.

Don’t be discourage.

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Always leave a review. It’s what they are for: to provide hosts (and guests) with an extra layer of security. If we institutionalize the practice of avoiding negative reviews, then guests can get away with continuing to get away with abusing their hosts time and again. DC has a really good style that I plan to emulate when I inevitably get that nightmare guests. Something along the lines of “while I was honored that guest x chose my house for his stay in Hollywood, it seems home stays may not be the best option for guest x while traveling. I was disappointed to have to pay for repainted walls and extensive cleaning following their stay. I wish them well and hope they are able to find accommodations that are better suited to their unique traveling style going forward.”


oh my… you are too nice!!

Although no-one likes to get a bad review, it really doesn’t seem to me that the guests were a ‘nightmare’.

The coffee thing would be annoying but accidents happen. The guest should have let the hosts know, ideally. But I don’t understand why white paint would cost $100. I’ve had plenty of coffee spills at home and in the rental and a gentle scrub with dish soap or Fabuloso removes them pretty quickly.

I’m not sure that I understand the thesis thing. Why was it there in the first place? If it was on top of the fridge, it wasn’t lost? Did I misunderstand?

If the rental was on a busy street then leaving the keys in the door was certainly careless but for how long? Wouldn’t the host or cleaner be going in to turn the place over for the next guests shortly after checkout?

Maybe I’m much too lenient but I read these ‘horror stories’ sometimes and they really don’t seem too bad to me.

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Jaquo… NOTHING I did got my coffee stains out of the rug. It’s ruined. My only hope is to use this steam cleaner I requested the guest to buy. The guests weren’t a nightmare… they agreed to pay for it and apologized for what they did.

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I just got a 2 star rating from an intelligent, educated woman who stayed here a month.

Even after 20+ years in customer service, for the life of me I have absolutely no idea how I could have prevented this.

My evil twin wants to point out that stuff happens. Bad reviews add texture and honesty to a possibly too good to be true history.

I am going to wait until the last minute to calm down and also to earn (hopefully) more equity with other guests. I’ve already had a wonderful 5 star since.

Oh man sorry this happened to you! I just had some horrible guests leave me a 1 star review full of factual lies like “there is only one bathroom” [ I have 2] and “she lied about baggage fees” [the fees are in the house rules]. I complained to Airbnb, but they only sent me a nice email telling me if my score goes below a 4 they’ll shut me down. Ha!

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Baggage fees? That’s a new one.

I’m confused. Is your Airbnb location an airplane? Why would you have baggage fees?

@ehv5002 do you mind showing us a screenshot of the message? Feel free to blank out any sensitive information.

I believe the host meant to say a fee to store baggage? I think it is normal in Europe? I travelled there few years ago and many hotels charge that fee. In Australia, all hotels i stayed with provide the service for free.