Reality about Covid-19: We’re All in the Same Boat

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Stop accepting reservations. No one should be traveling. Even if your country or region “seems" safe, be aware that any and all travel could be stopped at any moment, any day. If you accept a guest, that person may be your “guest” for days, weeks, or months to come—and may not have any way to pay you for their extended stay.
  2. Be aware that an area with zero cases means zero “identified” cases.
  3. Having zero symptoms has nothing to do with whether a person is carrying and shedding the virus—and therefore already contagious.
  4. Hosts in most parts of the world have little or no say in whether Airbnb will give 100% refunds. Accept that.
  5. Accept the fact that you will lose STR income for weeks, months, or more, just as many, many other people and businesses will lose income.
  6. If you have upcoming reservations, cancel them. Safety is more important than income.
  7. Accept the fact that the entire tourism industry worldwide is likely to change radically, as are many other industries.

There are people who are legitimately needing to travel. I’ve been booked from 12 to 18 March with 3 different guests. One was a truck driver taking a break, one was a college student going home for her forced long spring break, and I usually have multiple kids driving home on break. I should have even more this year.

The current guest flew in last night and booked inthe middle of the night. His daughter survived a car accident and is in the hospital down the street.

I agree with you in principle that people should stop doing unnecessary travel and other puttering about and I think we will have to shut down the way most other stricken nations have because too many people won’t put aside their wants for the greater good.


If I were forced to use public lodging right now, I would far prefer a one-unit airbnb scenario like yours to a hotel with hundreds of different people in it at the same time. I imagine I am not unique in my logic.


And I know that I’m being very responsible in my cleaning. I have no curtains (other than the shower curtain (washed after each guest) and no rugs or carpet. Everything textile is getting washed (ok not the mattress but the mattress cover is) and almost everything else could be swabbed with bleach solution. There is some wood furniture in there. Maybe I will start blocking a day before and after.

I think I am going to add our laundry practices to our listing info. We have always washed every layer of bedding including the mattress and pillow covers after every use, but never advertised it. Guests might appreciate knowing at this time.

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THREE groups of high school students left here (Canada) Friday and Saturday for Germany and France !! In spite of all the warnings and NOW are heading back here in an airborne PETRI dish after their exposure during the time they were hanging out in airports. Supposedly they will “self quarantine” in their own homes with their families, parents who are probably going to work etc…
Stupid enough to travel against warnings I don’t trust them to be sensible about the quarantine!

I totally agree that non essential travel should definitely be banished.

The local ski hill here closed last night as my daughters AirBnB guests were checking in. Thank goodness they are looking at this as an opportunity to spend family time and will stay the week up at the mountain… phew. Not out on the slopes but staying cosy with their clan and enjoying their spring break safely.

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Our last guest (been here three months) is leaving today. She’s carrying things to her car right now.

After she’s out, we plan to let her room and bathroom sit empty for three to five days. Then we’ll glove up and strip every inch of fabric out of the rooms, for hot-water washing with bleach.

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Sadly, that’s the antithesis of “self quarantine."

What if the real greater good is culling 5% of the world’s population? :wink:

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It probably will come down to that.

That’s insane. All out of town travel for schools was canceled here on Tues. We used to always be behind but no more.

We could talk about that in a private thread as I spoke about it with my NZ friend last month. But I’m not going there on the public part of the forum.

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I am trying to cancel my remaining April reservations. Air’s Covid19 ES policy says within certain dates and parameters, Hosts (and guests) can cancel for a full refund and zero penalties against SuperHost status.
However, the policy also states that reservations eligible for policy protections will be marked. I can find no marks or notes even though these reservations fit the guidelines.
Has anyone seen such eligibility indicators on a reservation? Please direct me if you have. Calling in to Air right now is not really working as they are as expected, overwhelmed.
Thanks from FL

Sorry. I meant EC (extenuating circumstances) not ES policy

I think someone else mentioned a similar problem. Have you considered asking guests to cancel from their end?

Yes. I have sent messages to the guests asking them to cancel now for 100% refund. Perhaps the indicator does not appear until 72 hour prior to check in date. Air also said if you need assistance, please wait to call in 72 hours prior to check-in date.


We were booked out for the next few of months. We are in a vulnerable age group so were very pleased when the government mandated self isolation for 14 days if returning to NZ. That day every guest except one local booking cancelled. We were very pleased and thanked our guests for cancelling and saving us doing the same to them. Several said they appreciated our reply and will rebook later if at all possible. Terrible times but better try to mitigate this thing as nicely as possible with our guests and yes, now we have ceased to take any bookings.


Amazing how quickly everything changed. I have had a complete 180 on this subject. At first being outraged at the cancellations. Then having the reality that we may lose our shirts set in. Now realizing that this is bigger than any of us could have imagined.

Some cities and states, (the smart ones) are in lockdown mode and everybody is sheltering in place. To travel through the United States right now for pleasure rather than need is INCONCEIVABLY foolish, selfish and frankly, reprehensible.

NOBODY CAN KNOW THEY ARE CARRIERS OF COVID-19 WITHOUT BEING TESTED because the virus can incubate for 5-15 days, (or longer) and many people show no symptoms as carriers. Since almost nobody can get tested in the states either and tests are still only reserved for the critically ill, the only socially responsible thing to do is to STAY HOME. Practice physical/social distancing (6 feet away from other people) and self isolate for two weeks if you have any symptoms at all. That is the only responsible thing we can all do.

There are some who do still NEED to travel right now (ie. healthcare workers coming to impacted areas, family members trying to get home, etc.) but opening your doors to vacationers for fun is absolutely irresponsible and will contribute to more deaths, period.

Millions of people around the world have lost their incomes overnight. We too relied on our Airbnb funds, as they were 90% of our income. We are likely going to go bankrupt as we had no cushion in the bank. In fact, we were going to refinance, (just after tax season), in order to make property improvements…and sadly, to expand our Airbnb business. That is all just dead in the water now. A distant dream, as now no bank is going to loan money to individuals whose income is based upon the tourism industry.

Despite these harsh realities, we are still shutting down our listings. It is the only damned responsible thing to do. There are still many many people completely unaware of the facts of COVID-19 because the official statements and responses from the White House in the United States have been lacking, contradictory and just plain ignorant at times. No wonder people are confused.

But the facts are right there for us all to see: 400,000 estimated deaths are coming in the next several weeks/months, and that is IF we flatten the curve by STAYING HOME. If we don’t, then the numbers could swell into the millions. Millions?! ;( Doing the “right thing” should be mandated right now and not a choice, since so many are just ignoring the writing on the wall. Human life is more important than how this will impact everyone financially. We are all in this together and must be responsible to protect the most vulnerable people in our society who don’t need to die because we all must make some sacrifices now. That is all I have to say.


Thank you for your post. It’s good to see people who aren’t afraid to change their way of thinking. There seem to be too many who at first were concerned about the virus, but then changed in the opposite direction- money became the motivating force rather than safety and life itself.

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