Reading reviews about guests from previous hosts

In the future consider sending an inquiry to the host who left the 4 star review. If they aren’t a professional host with dozens of listings and this was a recent stay, the host may remember what the problem was and be able to tell you about it. It could be one of those first time, new Airbnb guest mistakes and they’ve learned since then or it could be something serious. I don’t think most hosts would mine answering a question like that because we all rely on the review system to weed out bad guests who would put us out of business otherwise.

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Thank you all. How do I contact previous hosts?

Air doesn’t have a good setup for messaging people - you actually do it as an inquiry.

Click the profile photo of the host who left the review and find one of their listings. Click the “contact host” link which is just below the listing description. You’ll probably need to select dummy travel dates to proceed.

I inquired to someone this way and used the furthest out dated they and so that I would affect their calendar in any way. Also, I inquired about a host’s choice of flooring as I begin to flip my foreclosure for Airbnb.

Great. That’s all very helpful.