Re-united couples / how to drive on off

We have a guest from abroad, coming to stay at our guest room for a week.
Se booked for two persons and after she booked she shared with us that she will stay with her friend, who is local (from our town). And he can not host her, so she plans he will stay with her too. Looks like she will study in Moscow (like master degree exchange program), In her message, she wrote “If it’s still okay, he will stay with me for the week.”

We had this experience of couples re-united during their stays at our apartment and it always went wrong ( 1) once a guest didn’t discuss the place she booked with her partner and he totally disliked the place 2) a woman came and stayed with a man, who was married. so they set up a hidden meeting place here, a lot of drama, sex, et cetera)

So, we think how to correctly write our guest that we are unhappy with that a re-unite couple stay at our place. Any ideas on that?

I don’t know. Granted we have a whole apartment listing, but a good half of our guests are couples that are long distance and stay here because we are in the middle and they spend weekends together. They’re my best guests. In one case it was pretty clear that it was an affair situation, but that’s not my business. I just take their money.

If it was in my home and just a bedroom it might be weird, but it’s kinda part of being a couple that you don’t always agree with everything and you’re getting the review from the person who chose your place.

But basically it comes down to, if you accept some couples you really need to accept all. So the only non-discriminatory way to do this is only allow 1 person period. Or just realize that everyone is different and just move on with your day.


I’m sorry but I don’t see what the problem is here. She booked for two guests and two guests are staying. What exactly is the issue?

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I’m with jaquo here and don’t see the problem? She booked the room for two guests, you accepted and it’s not really your business what is their relationship and what they do. No?
I do know what you mean, though, about re-united couples and sex. I feel like I’ve worn out a couple of headsets due to such guests. But they were happy and nice, I got paid and all was good. I don’t see what you’re worrying about.


Thanks everyone,
looks like there’s nothing we can do here, so let it be how it has to be

That’s good @Anton. I hope it goes well and there’s no drama. She sounds quite polite and considerate in her message so fingers crossed for you. Let us know how it goes? Btw, I LOVE your listing! It’s made me pine to go back to Moscow.

So, basically everything went even better than we thought.
They checked in spent just a night with us and left to his place after that (they figured it out how to negotiate about her stay at his university dormitory). She didn’t cancel with us so we had the whole week for us only!

Thanks everyone for your help and stopping us from any wrong-doing.