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Ratings question

Does anyone contact their guests after they have left to ask why they left a good review but 4 stars rather than 5? I have tracked who marked me down and have half a mind to ask WHY. It grates - I even gave her a lift to the station; it’s so frustrating because it’s brought my percentage ratings down and will probably lose the super host badge now.

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I get accused of being jaded…but this is exactly why, after 6 years of hosting, I don’t go out of my way to do guest favors. They not only go unappreciated, you can be whacked for something else. This is the nature of the Air experience for hosts, sadly.


One four star rating won’t affect Superhost status.

I never contact guests once they have left other than to get in touch approximately a year after their stay to tell them I hope they’ll be coming again. I find that Airbnb pesters guests enough as it is. Plus, it’s really a waste of time and energy :slight_smile:


It can backfire too. If you just say, “Can you leave a review?” could prompt them to do just that–Leave a review, perceived warts and all. If you say can you leave a GOOD FIVE STAR review, that seems awkward and pushy. So unless they leave here gushing I don’t press them. Would rather have no review than one with nit picks obviously.

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There’s another post on this where I did exactly that and asked the guest why. She complained to Airbnb. But Airbnb were very sympathetic and sent me a gift!!

It’s grating that they do it, but you’ll never get an answer.

Except that it can and does. If in a quarter you only have 4 guests that bother to leave reviews and one of them is 4 star, then that’s only 75% and there goes your Superhost status. It has happened to two of my friends in quiet season.

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After learning the hard way, I now tell guests we are trying for a 5 star rating so if there is anything standing in our way please inform us so we can correct it. Seems to help

I don’t contact them after, but when I see them I always ask if everything is ok.

That’s probably pretty good advice. Get them before they get you:slight_smile:

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