Ratings - all 5* but overall 4*?

It’s been a while since I hosted, my first guest in 3 years just checked out. I was he left 5* on everything, but the overall rating is 4* - how does this work? Is this taking my ratings from 3 years ago still into account? I was a super host back then, so it seems a bit off. I’m not worried, I’m just trying to understand.


Is this a new person to AirBnB? Some folks don’t understand the overall rating isn’t the same as star ratings for a hotel…

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What you see is the review/rating for just this one guest. He put a 5 on all of the individual categories but a 4 overall. It happens all too often. Sometimes, people just don’t think their stay deserves a perfect score and sometimes a guest has an actual reason that can’t be described by the individual categories and the don’t say anything in the written review either. In that case, you’ll have to ask the guest.

Your listing’s overall rating will show on the public page for the listing. If the listing is the same, it should keep your old reviews and ratings, but if you created a new listing, then the old reviews won’t be associated with the new listing, although they will show up under your host profile.

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Thank you @Brian_R170 - super clear. This happens to be the guest who broke the toilet, lol, so we spent quite some time at the property which is probably why I missed out on a star.

But yes, I remember years ago when I was hosting a lot, it’s crazy how many guests don’t understand that Air does not equal hotel.