Rather audacious on HomeAway's part

I do STR with 18 apartments, and 95% of my business is through Airbnb. I put a couple of them on VRBO just to try it out. Generally my conclusion is that it’s a lot of extra work and complication that doesn’t bring a lot of benefits. And one of the biggest complicating factors is just that HomeAway/VRBO’s web site is soooo slow and clunky.

So imagine my surprise when HomeAway tells me that they have software for larger portfolios. And their marketing line to get me interested is basically, “our web site is clunky, try out our software.” And imagine my surprise when they quoted me $8300 (yes, eight thousand three hundred) for a license to use their software.

Are you kidding me? I have to pay $8300 so that I can have a reasonable experience managing my listings on a platform that brings me about 5% of my business???


And be very very careful with that set up. They have implemented rules where they can audit the books of integrated PMs and then go back and charge you 10% or whatever to give themselves credit for the booking…they are crazy!


Wow! I dropped vrbo this fall. Not worth it for the 4 bookings a year that I would have gotten through Airbnb anyway.

I see the other position.
All of the listing sites have horrendous flaws, but ABB is the worst. And if you ever get into a wrestling match with the gorilla, you will loose.
I am continually amazed how ABB has gotten travelers, and STR owners, to drink their kool-aid.
This rental industry industry existed before ABB; they caused problems around the world, and now have way too much power.
Just my opinion. …I stand by my feelings and many will disagree with me.
Dont give away your power to any one source…it can become your demise in the long run.


I agree 18 listings and 95% AirBnB is just too many eggs in one basket.
If at one point Air decides they do not like you anymore and block your account you are in big trouble.

Yes, I am using 5 OTA’s next to my direct bookings. All have their flaws.
AirBnB is about the worst in policies and having their hands in your pockets, followed by Homeaway.
Booking and HRS give you a lot more independence but have a lot more cancellations and fake bookings.

With 18 listings you main focus should be getting independent of OTA’s.

Direct bookings are still the best. But it requires a lot of time to build a business. I spend 5+ years being actively present on social media and forums to build a good pool of direct bookings and returning guests.
But it is worth it.

Yes, the homeaway software is clunky and cumbersome, but it seems more and more guests are using the platform. 5 years ago I had 1 request in 2 months, now it is about 3 per week trough Homaway.


Exactly, I am really surprised to see how many hosts are just on Air, then complain about Air… I get more from VRBO lately, then Air then direct bookings.


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