Rate/Sleepers vs. Rate/Bedrooms

I’ve been researching the best way to price my units and am wondering if anyone has any put any time in doing analysis of nightly rates per sleeper or nightly rates per bedroom in their area. What are guests with 4+ guests really searching for when they look for a place? And how are you folks that attract nothing but bachelorette parties doing in terms of cleaning and maintenance?

Most of the answers to your questions depend on your local market. Where are you located ? Maybe someone on this forum is a host in your area and could give you his/her input.

If you’re in a large Airbnb market, you might want to check www.airdna.co which has market studies of main Airbnb destinations.

Re. Rate/sleepers vs rate/bedroom, from what I see in my area I would say that budget places focus on rate/sleeper whereas others focus on rate/bedroom.

I actually bought a report from AirDNA which is what got me thinking about the question in trying to figure out what actually drives pricing