Rankings plummet immediately after Resolution Center Case manager "messaging"

Is this real? I’ve done my due diligence and searched the forum but have not found anything that answers my specific question.

I search my rankings pretty regularly. Booked solid, on “Smart” hahaha Pricing, IB w/ only Air verification needed to book, always have “Rare find”, superhost, all 5 star ratings.

I’ve always been in top Three in my searches. I use a different browser for my searches and do not log in. I’ve been number one in my searches for the last 3 weeks (??? can’t figure this out but not complaining), including today prior to contacting customer service–for the first time ever–regarding damages. I don’t trust my searches, thinking Air knows my IP address and bumps me up, so I have random friends and family members check my ranking occasionally. And never the same person. I have my sister check for me today, for the first time. Only filter is dates and number of guests. Number one. Mind you I’m in a very busy/popular area with tons of STR’s.

I search my rankings after contacting Air Resolution center today. Case elevated to case manager and we start messaging around 8:20 PM. I check my rankings around 11 PM or so, and I’m on page three for same dates searched earlier in the day, where I was at number one. Same dates I gave my sister to search as well. I’ve changed NOTHING. No dates blocked, no pricing changes, nada.

I’m no longer a “Rare Find” either, which I’ve been consistently at since early June.

I have another friend check around midnight (yes, I’m still up, blood pressure a little high) and she found me buried in the search as well. Same dates same criteria/filters set. I am a newish host (May) and newish super host, but those bumps have long expired.

What is up?

I reread my conversation with guest, no extortion, told her very nicely that she would owe me money, and would let her know. Next two communications with her (all this on platform) went unanswered by her. I’m super convinced that my contact with the resolution center cost me my ranking, big time.

Has anyone heard of this? Am I just paranoid?

I think it’s possible they can downrank. Give cs a call.


That is total BS. I’m going to continue my message thread with my “case manager” as, the initial CS rep (on the phone) was not helpful. If I would have known this (such a learning curve this Airbnb no matter how much research!) I would have blown off the damages and just chalked it up as tough love and more learning.

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That’s very strange!

Is it possible the algorithm they’re using is affected by your searches? ie. For the same dates, your friends are searching and presented with your home in search results, they check out the listing, but don’t book, which would affect your conversion rate and bump you later in search results?

I think you’ll need to call CS to see if there’s anything to it. It would be unfortunate if they ding hosts just for “getting in touch”.

Unlike others here I wouldn’t waste my time calling customer service. The CSR is unlikely to know or care. If everyone whose search ranking changed called in people with real issues would never be able to get though.

I absolutely think, but have no evidence to support the idea, that having a claim downgrades you in ranking. I also board dogs in my home and participate in online groups with my fellow hosts. Hosts who have a problem like a lost dog, dog fight, sick dog, cancel a booking due to an emergency found themselves dropped in search rank.

I think we’ve discussed it previously on this forum. From a business perspective it makes sense. While they determine what has happened they drop your ranking so they aren’t dealing with issues on top of issues. I’m not saying you are in any way to blame, I’m simply saying that from Airbnb’s point of view, it makes sense. It’s no different than us declining a guest who has iffy reviews or who has left them for other other hosts.

If it was discussed before it would probably be in more general threads about the search algorithim.


Yes-We have found this to be the case many times. After every incidence where we have to involve Airbnb due to damages, we get our listing dropped back. Usually another follow-up phone call to complain fixes it. I think it’s insane that Airbnb want us to follow all the rules and be great hosts but we are supposed to take it on the chin when a guests damages our property and they expect us to just pay for it. Not cool

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I agree. One of my very unpopular stances here on the forum is that as hosts, we have no right whatsoever to be placed highly (or even at all) in Airbnb searches. We aren’t guaranteed this when we sign up.

I believe (and others firmly disagree, I know) that it’s up to us as hosts to promote our listings if we can. Relying on Airbnb is unlikely to give us all a 100% annual occupancy rate!

@jaquo - You have my agreement with your positions. Even though it’s frustrating, it’s AirBnB’s game and they get to set the rules. If you don’t like the rules - go play elsewhere!

We’re diversified - our own website, AirBnB, VRBO/HomeAway, TripAdvisor (which is utterly useless anymore), and just now getting Booking dot com going. I know other hosts/owners list on local websites, but our area does not have one. If I counted on AirBnB to fill our home, our rates would have to be about 50% less and I’m still not sure we’d get filled at that price.


I don’t think this is the case. When I say I “frequently” check my search rankings, it’s usually once every 5-7 days, and mostly for market research/pricing info on how I compare with other listings. I don’t click on my listing. Not sure if my sister did either…in any case, my “views” under progress are high, conversion rate consistently low. eg. last 30 days I had 297 views, but only 4.4% bookings. Still solidly booked.

Maybe I will call if others in the same boat have had luck. No luck on my messaging chat with Case Manager, he said, “…So expect that sometimes you will be at the main page, sometimes it’s not. It’s generated by out system automatically, meaning we don’t have any controls over this. Even the supervisor and manager since it is running by our artificial intelligence.”
IMO, it is just very coincidental that 2-3 hours after speaking with them and opening a case. I go from top 3 to 3rd page. No more “rare find” label. W/e.

Thanks @KKC, I’ve read this several times, first time prior to listing my property, so I try to follow all the rules and then some.

This part DOES make sense to me.

Yeah, it does stink, but I guess they are just protecting their business interests until things get resolved, like K9 said.

Oh no @jaquo, you misunderstand me. I don’t EXPECT anything from Airbnb…I was always pleasantly surprised (and grateful) to be ranked so high for so long, with over 1,000 properties listed w/ airbnb in my smallish city. I fully expected to take a digger in rankings at some point. My only question and concern is that it happened within hours of contacting CS, so will think twice about doing that again unless I have outrageous damages like this time…


I’m no expert but I honestly don’t think that contacting CS could be the problem. I think everything is all a lot more complex.

For example, this is some of what the team is up to - things I wouldn’t understand in a month of Sundays :slight_smile:

OH, yes, of the complexity of the rankings system I’m sure is way beyond my meager troubleshooting skills, for certain! ha! I will read the article you posted…I’m sure I won’t understand it either! I’ve finally just checked in 7 days stay of great people, after a long string of one-nighters so I’m going to finish dealing with this resolution issue today, put it to rest and move on!

An aside, I have bigger problems, it takes me 3-4 hours to clean my space between visits. (3 max guests/1 room, one bath) I’m a good thorough cleaner, but my methods need some serious help in efficiency! My mom always said, “Clean from top to bottom”. Which I do, but everywhere else I’m all over the map. The upshot is I’ve lost six pounds from all the running up and down of two flights of stairs just to clean this small area! Good lord. :tired_face::sweat_smile::roll_eyes:
I need a system!!

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You are spending 3-4 in the space actively cleaning or you are saying it just takes that long to do the turnaround…like you are waiting for laundry part of that time?

I start laundry right away, but I have plenty of clean sheets/mattress pad and towels to change that part over right away. Just need to launder comforter/duvet/???cover and shams (LOL), and bathmats. The rest is cleaning. I do have to clean and flush out filter and jets in the stand alone tub, which takes awhile but should not take me this long to do everything to spec. It’s just comical really.

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Yes, much reading on this Forum about what ABB likes you to do, and I’m doing all of it save using their low price “tip” for my minimum price (I’m not sure what they are thinking, I couldn’t even afford to do the laundry at their ridiculously low min. Price!) I am still on Smart pricing for now…

Thanks for the cleaning advice. I’m trying not to do ABSOLUTELY everything, but I need practice at that as well. I am not, for one, cleaning fan blades after each one night guest! LOL

No, I have 3 hour turn around time and it seems I need every minute. I need to make a list, of things in order, to clean so I’m not re-cleaning things that got a little messed up by something that I cleaned afterwards.

That would be a big “NO”


I could have written this, LOL. My partner is cleaning the garage yesterday, a non guest-access area, when we have a 3.5 hour turn around for our next guests. Or sometimes he’s watching tv. (??) I’m like, did you do this, that, and the other…Oh, no not yet he says. Sigh.

Ugh. I keep highlighting a quote but hit “reply” instead of “quote” button. See? There it is right there. Taking a bunch of time to fix up my silly posts that should have been done right the first time!

I don’t totally dirty up areas that have been done, but I’m moving stuff here and there, setting wet things on a surface that has been cleaned. Really sill stuff that can be fixed with a little brain power and organization. It just seems I’m always catching my breath and can’t fix the errors in my ways! (This refers to my life as well, :roll_eyes: not just cleaning my spaces!

Downgrade to page three bounced back to number one again in ranking after claim resolved yesterday. (Within 30 minutes). Hmmmm

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I’m not surprised. I’m glad it all worked out.

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Hey @yecatsr, I personally haven’t heard of this before. And I think I watch those rankings just as much as you.

Deep down inside, my gut tells me that it doesn’t have anything to do with the resolution managers call.

However, maybe she effed up when you were on the call with her. They definitely have the ability to control whether your listing is up or not.

I had to call them once to remove some guests and they removed the wrong dates lol. It was a fun day.