Radar completely down 1pm BST 2/7/18

Don’t bother reinstalling the app., resetting your password, calling CS or any of the other time wasting activities I have just tried. It’s all down but acts like it’s not. Leave it for a few hours.

I assume this cryptic post means the Airbnb site is down for you. It’s fine for me but I’ve had many, many days where it was glitchy this past spring and summer. Also, in the US people would read that date as Feb 7th 2018 making it even more confusing.

It was down this morning I just hurry up and wait! Working fine now.

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But it says BST (British Summer Time) so the date of 2/7/18 makes total sense for British time. We have never understood why the Americans don’t have dates in order, surely at least there should be some logic e.g. smallest denomination of time (day) through to the biggest (year) or as it’s said - 2nd July 2018. There’s no logic to the American system, it’s just that you’re used to it.

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By the way dates are expressed the same way in all major European languages e.g. 2/7/18 for the 2nd of July. This applies for English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. I have no idea why the Americans decided to be contrary.

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@Jess, you’ll like this. Once in the USA I told someone that the aeroplane would land at 13.25. She said ‘what time is that, exactly?’