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Racist guests? Any advice?

As I said just plain silly…will leave you to your paranoia :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much :heartbeat:

Can you put photos in the listing that clearly show what you think negative feedback is referring to with the goal of preventing future guests that would leave negative feedback from booking in the first place?

You said “us” and that you have 4 listings, so I suppose one workaround would be to change the listing admin (I think that requires recreating the listing) so that the reviews for the listing with consistently lower reviews go to one host and another host can become a Superhost from the other listings.

Do you mean the OP should put photos of BAME people in this listing @Brian_R170 as living in a multi-cultural area is what is putting off some racist guests according what @O_Apartment says

Or maybe you are sufferig from cognitive dissonance…

Yes perception is reality—-as A nurse Ive volunteered in some sketchy areas. I was in a large city with coworkers a few weeks ago. There were comments about the area not being “nice”. They were naive and didn’t realize what a “bad” area looks like.

@Helsi My understanding is @O_Apartments’ guests are leaving negative feedback about the neighborhood because of the people they see in the area, not because the neighborhood is actually bad. I’m saying put some photos of the neighborhood on a busy day, kids playing in a local park, a local bar/restaurant on a busy Saturday night, the train/bus station, or whatever shows the guests the people they’ll encounter. Pictures are much more likely to get the point across than any words in the listing description. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m kind of assuming racists would book elsewhere.

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exactly, instant fewer poor reviews, but obviously, less business. You’re between a rock and Sophies choice.

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What city is this? For those of us who do travel, mentioning your location would be helpful.

As a guest, where I would look for a room depends on the city. As a jazz and blues fan and as a musician, I like to stay in multicultural neighborhoods where I can easily and safely walk home from a night out, and where there is a good variety of ethnic dining opportunities. Your description needs to attract people like me.

I concur that some photos of the neighborhood would help filter out many bigots, and a description of the kinds of entertainment nearby would attract jazz, blues, hiphop, or reggae fans.

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Ah, that’s exactly what I suggested to @O_Apartments in my earlier post on this thread and something I have done for my own listing @Brian_R170

Unfortunately it doesn’t always work and I still get people complaining about feeling uncomfortable in the neighbourhood (i.e. they don’t like that it is a multi-cultural area).

Oslo, Norway.

Online discussions of crime in Oslo note criminal activity near the station at night and a fair number of pickpockets.

EDIT - I have had to edit your post again @PuppyLover , because you keep mentioning comments from reviews on the OPs listing. If people want to see the listing, they can search for it. As you did. Please refrain from posting content from his listing or summarising content from his listing on here.


No I can’t dearie I don’t even know what the ‘1930’s no Irish allowed’ is. I am old but not that old !!

That is his implication or question but it’s a perception of the host’s that I’d like to challenge. Perhaps it’s the activities going on in the area, or perhaps there is some crumbling infrastructure or lack of neighborhood upkeep that the host has become so accustomed to that he doesn’t notice? Why do we assume that it’s just bigotry? Are there other possible explanations?

I grew up in a multicultural area. That exposure to Vietnamese refugees, families from the inner city who had moved to the outskirts to avoid busing, Chicanos, Mexican immigrants, and a splattering of middle easterners who had fled Beirut.

NONE of that multi-cultural exposure to people prepared me for the culture of downtown, inner-city life when I got a job down there at bright young age of 23.

I recall one time a kind looking older gentleman asked me for a cigarette. He looked a little dirty like perhaps he was homeless. (I no longer smoke.) I gave him one and he thanked me then said, out of the blue, “You know, not all black people are the same.” I smiled and giggled and said, “Sir, I know that. All the black people I know have jobs.” He busted out laughing and said, “Good one. You got me there.”

Don’t just assume racism. It’s really a dreadful thing to assume about someone without good evidence.


Yes, see my cross-post above. Mention of homeless people and addicts on the streets.

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I am not assuming it, the guests I am talking about have openly told me that having black people on the street at night makes them feel uncomfortable @LoneStar

Well bless their hearts. That’s “good evidence”. OP didn’t provide any. He painted a picture of the inner-city. I don’t know his city but I know the one that was 4th largest in the USA when I worked there. I have no problem with purple people, but I do try to avoid purple drug dealers and would also avoid magenta people who appear to have untreated mental illness although if the magenta folks take their pills we’re cool.



One of them became my best-est frenemy! Not kidding. Good ole Rick, may he rest in peace.

I get what you are saying. On a related note, I recently watched “Seattle Is Dying” a documentary by KOMO the news station there. It is appalling to watch addicts there doing the Heroin Lean in front of NORDSTROM’s downtown. While people WALK ON BY. Since that time, and finding that kind of behavior shameful, I do ask folks here in my city, doing the Lean if they need help, and wait for an ambulance for them. They are our brothers and sisters.

There is always likely to be crime near main stations at night and pickpockets. This is nothing to do with the fact it is Oslo - you could equally say that about train stations in your country @PuppyLover

Blessing their hearts wasn’t actually the first thought that came to my mind when I heard that racist drivel coming out of their mouths actually @LoneStar :frowning:

It’s heartbreaking and I have a lot of compassion because people don’t choose to become addicts, they choose to medicate pain whether physical or spiritual, or to medicate mental illness.

I was on a school trip in DC once and they had us with some kids from the hills of West Virginia in a small rural town and they had us on a shuttle bus and this kid from WV starts screaming STOP THE BUS STOP THE BUS STOP THE BUS and we’re all wondering what. There was a street person laying on the grate in the sidewalk. This kid had never seen a street person before and he was insisting that we stop the bus and render aid. It was heartwrenching, on so many levels… I’ll never forget it.

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