Quicker way to change price?

Do you have to change price on each day individually or is there a way to change price on a whole month at one time?

Have you checked the Airbnb help center on the Airbnb website?


Oh my gosh thank you for showing me that:)

Is there a way you can decrease the minimum night stay for just the off season? And leave it as is for the peak season?

Not without setting the process manually, month by month. I do it every year and it only takes a few minutes.

Yes, you can set date ranges that have a different min night stay.

Go to availability then trip length. There are custom settings there.tl

@Amgbest you really need to read the Airbnb help center and then make your listing live and play around with it. The best way to learn is by doing. We are not the Airbnb tutoring center. You may even get wrong answers here.

I don’t even know the answers, I’m just looking them up which you should be doing for yourself. OR use the search feature of this site and search existing posts.