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Quick question on star ratings


I’m very confused…! Looking at my progress, I have a 4.8* rating. The opportunities tab has me at 4.6*; the superhost tab has me at 4.5*.
Can anyone explain why these are all different please?


I have noticed that different areas update at different times and are not simultaneously in alignment. Idk, but maybe give it 24 hours? If it does not sync up I’m sure other hosts can provide some answers.


Best advice? Stop worrying about star ratings.

Just do the best job you possibly can to provide a clean, neat place for people to stay with reasonable amenities, and friendly (but firm) interactions with your guests (but don’t go overboard). The stars will come.


Thanks KenH. I’m not worried about the stars - just confused that there are 3 different ratings is all.


Completely agree with @KenH. This is the right thing to do.

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