Quick advice needed

Hello my fellow Airbnb:ers.
I have a booking now where the guest was saying that he booked for 2 persons, first his female co-worker would come and then on Saturday they would switch and he would stay with us. Now last night when the co-worker arrived and the was like “Where is my collegue going to stay”? I said that I thought they would have the same room since they only booked for one person but that another room could be set in order for Saturday if that is what they want. However that isn’t what they paid for (I haven’t even gotten the 5 dollars extra for fresh towels and bed linnens that I requested for the clean between their stays on Saturday yet). I don’t know weather I should request more money for the second person yet because the woman doesn’t seem to know if they are going to be double one day/night yet or not. The communication has been slow from the start.

How would you guys deal with the situation?

“No worries, Betty. Bob isn’t coming until Saturday, after you leave. See, here is his message to us. If Bob shows up sooner, he will have to get a hotel room. Unless you like him enough to share the bed? No?”


Lol, I like your way of thinking! :smiley:

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Some people !!

If this sort of situation occurs again just send them a special offer with the extra cleaning fee included.

When the actual guest arrives remind them they need to go in and accept the charge for fresh linens and towels (personally I would have charged them an extra cleaning fee too)

I have two rooms. One has a double bed and the other two bunk beds. Ideally the overflow to the second room would be if a couple sharing the double had kids or friends also staying and they would pay the additional guest fee for more than 2. Sometimes it is two people who don’t share a bed or even a couple where one goes and sleeps in one of the single beds. It is a bit annoying as more work for me but I just get over it and move on to the next guests. As I think you should as well. :slight_smile:

This was my reply: Hello X!
Y told us that she was a bit uncertain at what time you would arrive on Saturday and if she would have left by then.

As it says in our listing our check out time is 12:00 and our check in time is 17:00.

If you both need to stay at the same time the fold out sofa in our guestroom is a double bed (if you are that comfortable with eachother) for an additional charge, or we can arrange another sleeping arrangement for you guys, but what you paid for was 1 guest for 5 nights and one cleaning fee. Anything else than that would be an additional charge.

Let us know what you want to do so we can make it comforable for you and have some time to prepare.



By the way: They DO get an email when you request extra money from them, right?