Questions that make me bite my tongue hard

So some of you know I have an odd guest at the moment. The bizzare questions have continued today.

First, he wanted to make a fuss on my no shoes in the house policy. I want to wear shoes in the bathroom… me: no, but socks are fine. The bathroom is tiled and whenever anyone wears shoes on them they get mucky instantly. I walk around barefoot and don’t want that stuff on the bottom of my feet. He looked at me like I was crazy and I almost wanted to say: you’re the only boy here sir. So any p*ss on the floor is yours. I didn’t of course …

Then today he comes up with a calculator and asks if this is the exchange rate. I reply : I guess so. He then proceeds to explain that he thinks he got cheated at the airport because they gave him a much worse rate. At this point I started looking for the hidden camera somewhere…

I explained that a) he won’t get the market rate ANYWHERE and b) the rates are always advertised …if you don’t like the rate don’t buy the money. I pointed out that the currency exchange desks are operating a business; it’s his choice whether to buy from them.

They missed breakfast so later I ask if they want tea…no but we’d like some fruit. Ah, I see breakfast by another name …

I can’t wait until this guy and his sister check out.

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When will that be? I’m enjoying the stories. :wink:


Lol!! Glad someone is enjoying my pain hehe!


What a couple of dodo heads. Dont t tell me they are American! Have they never traveled before?

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From Monaco. I’d assumed they’d travelled before but that’s actually a question I’m going to ask later over breakfast …,

If they get up for it …:slight_smile:

They got up at 10.57. So far all my worst fears are coming true :slight_smile:

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What are your worst fears about them? Have I missed something?
So did they get fruits?

My worst fears are that I will constantly need to hold their hands and that they will constantly squeeze things in last minute, thereby always putting me in a situation where I have to say no.

Breakfast is 8 to 11. Day one they wake at 10.53 and miss breakfast but ask for breakfast items later in the day.

They use the sauna and pool at 9.30 (I’ve given a closing time of 10.00 because I got embrassed by guests always being the last to leave and not respecting the official closing time of 11.00) and come back at 11.20 pm. No they didn’t go anywhere else in between as they left wearing the white robes and slippers I provide to use the pool. I just find it hugely embarrassing that my guests are always the ones being asked to leave.

Today Day 2… breakfast at 10.45 while sister sleeps in. I ask what their plans are for tomorrow as they need to book in advance … no plans. So then I remind them there’s no cooking in the flat …blank looks.

I prefer guests to be independent … it really is the only thing that works in a situation where I’m sharing a small space.


We all prefer guests to be independent but some are not. Its more work of course.
I adapted a behaviour to not ask them too many questions about their plans, just initially tell them to ask me if they need to know about local attractions. The hardly ask ever, because they find everything on line.
Zandra its theri problem if they dont have any plans, they know there is no kitchen use, so why should you worry what they will eat? They are adults, they can figure it out.
I have a guest who is arriving in 3 weeks for a month long stay. I can see that he is an easy going guy who is a traveler like me, but… he likes to push a bit his way. I asked him if he read about kitchen use, we have very limited use of kitchen, and no non vegeterian inside the house. He goes: yes, but it says i can do grill outside, i like chicken.
I asked him if he also read my description about " no cooking lovers need to inquire".
Him: but i like to cook
Me: then this house is not for you
Him: I dont have to cook, but may be chicken sometimes and eggs in a morning. I wake up early at 6 am. Will that be a problem?
Me: yes, 6 am is a problem . We all are sleeping at that time
Him: o, ok, then i will just make coffee.
Me: no, sorry, no coffee before 7 am, you will still make noise and wake everyone up.
Him: ok, of course i will respect your rules
Me: o good, you got that part:)
Him: but i can come out from my room right?
Me: of course, its not a jail cell, but remember you rented a room, not the whole house, and your room has absolutely everything you will need. We give each other a lot of privacy.

I have no problems saying NO. No is a s good of an answer as Yes. I am just telling my guests how it is. Many people initially dont get it, or pretend they dont get it.


Mmmm yes let’s see how this one goes. They just called me to show that they’ve burned a hole in the wool carpet with their tongs. Apparently oxy spray will get it out…I’m sceptical. Oxy is good for stains but I’m keen to see how it supposedly restores burned carpet.


What? Tongs? What do you mean… What on earth are they doing with hot Tongs? A carpet burn is not going to come out with oxy. That is for organic stains. How much longer Zandra? . I would be close to asking these two to leave early.

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Yana that guy sounds like he will find a way to cook somehow… Talk about pushy!!!


I’m an old Army Infantryman (retired), so I don’t know know much, but Is it only me that finds it troubling that you’re complaining about your guests while their still in your room? I know this is a place for sharing troubles, questions and the like. This is a great place for us to help each other but I just think this is bad mojo and just plain not good customer service. I believe what you put out there is what you get back. Maybe be more selective in your process? It sucks I know, I had one who tested me, but poof! Gone in a few days. I greet my guests personally and try to make a warm authentic connection with them. I don’t “rent” to my guests, I provide them with an “experience”. I think I’d feel as if I was being disloyal to people in my home by airing they’re laundry, I don’t think I could do that. I just feel that loyalty is an uncommon commodity to find these days. I believe our guests deserve our loyalty. Just be frank but firm with your rules and policies. They’ll probably be gone in a few days anyway. Airbnb should be fun and not frustrating and we also attract what we concentrate on most. Good luck Friend! May Do you typically have challenging guests or is this something unusual?


I know how to stop him:).

Lol love the update … keep the stories coming!

What do you mean? That she shouldn’t feel free to post her issue here and ask for help?

You’re sweet; I don’t owe my guests loyalty however. That’s solely for friends and family - people who earn it. These guests do deserve customer service however so I vent on here and smile in my home. It’s the only way I can keep sane. I haven’t used their names or pointed to their profiles on Airbnb so frankly I could be talking about anyone. My fretting comes from a concern that they are not happy and frustration that my attempts to find a solution for them are being ignored. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t give two hoots but a day when there’s no restaurants or shops open and there’s no cooking in my flat? Sounds horrible to me and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. @Yana is right though: I need to let go.

With regard to your point about selecting guests: I just don’t think it works that way. Almost everyone I had warning bells chiming for (and to be honest it wasn’t many) turned out to be wonderful. So I don’t really know how being more selective will help.

Finally no, I don’t get irritating guests often because in the past I limited the stays to 4 nights maximum. This episode has reminded me to put that back on the listing.

What is important to know is that while guests stay here I can’t get away from them. I don’t have a separate room where I can close the door and get away from the constant barrage of questions. Tonight I put the screen dividers up and turned off all the lights … peace descended if just because I felt I had disengaged.

Final point: should I not mention issues while they’re here then ? I should struggle on my own and come to the forum after the fact? Surely it’s better to post on here and then be told by the lovely community to take a chill pill. @J_Wang is great at telling me to relax and it always works :slight_smile:


I’m guessing your feelings about loyalty stem from your military career. Yet you probably had situations where a problem soldier under your command had to be discussed with a superior or a peer. It didn’t mean you weren’t loyal to your soldier, did it? I don’t find feelings of loyalty developing with my mostly single night guests. the idea of being loyal to people I don’t know seems a bit odd. Since you have an apartment and only 14 reviews I’m also guessing that you have had some longer term guests and of course feelings of what you are calling
loyalty might develop.

As I have had over 170 guests and no truly bad experiences I’d like to think that’s because I have good mojo or attract the right kind of guests or have good powers of selection. But since I have Instant Book on I think I’m just lucky.

I don’t think it unseemly to discuss anonymous problem guests who are still in our homes. It’s a good way to vent and maybe even develop good solutions rather than be in an unhappy situation with a guest.


@konacoconutz Wednesday next week. 4 more sleeps.

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