Questions for Atlanta buckhead hosts and attorney referral

This question specifically for midtown/buckhead hosts in Atlanta Georgia
Has anyone applied for business licence to operate legally and legitly got approved? Please post the process to successfully apply for one. Can you still operate even your HOA say you cannot?
Is renting one room legal since you are sharing a home? If you can refer an attorney who is familiar with airbnb and are representing clients now, pls forward to me

I’m not in ATL and I don’t know if anyone here is. What I do know is that no, if your HOA forbids Airbnb you can’t do it anyway just because it’s legal in your city. Lots of people do it anyway but expect to be fined, kicked out, for neighbors to make your life miserable or all of these.


What @KKC said – it doesn’t matter where you live. Violating your HOA rules can get you fined (perhaps even arrested), perhaps forced to sell your apartment, shunned, and generally disliked by everyone. It’s just not worth the hassle!

I have a property in Atl (condo) that I considered renting occasionally on Airbnb. However, my condo claims this is not allowed. (I disagree with the associations interpretation of the condo doc’s). I did not argue about this because I was just contemplating renting. With that being said, most condo doc’s say something like “exclusive use” so you may be able to get away with renting 1 room, just not the whole condo/apt. They may also say no “transient tenancy” which the courts in Atl consider 2 weeks or less.

Noted I just don’t want to get into any conflict with neighbours or HOA abd will consider finding roommate for one room