Questions about the Mister BNB site

I am in the process of signing up for the Mister BNB site. Does anyone have a few minutes to give me any background of anything I should be aware of when creating my account. It is asking for my birthdate and I am not sure if I should put in my partner’s birthdate as this will be a security question if I have to call them for assistance. Do they even have phone customer service?

All payments go through my partner’s social security number and are all tied to him so I want to be sure I set up the account correctly.

I have read some old posts but want to hear if some people are getting some recent bookings through them, or any frustrations/likes about using the site?


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What’s Mister BNB? I haven’t heard of this.

It’s a knock off of Airbnb but specfically was created when some guests were denied entry for being gay. So you can sign up as a gay “friendly” host or as a gay host. That’s all I recall. I think the setup is similar is to Airbnb but not sure.

@jackulas knows all about them.

Yes, I remember his kooky guest…lol! Hopefully he has a few minutes to chime in! :smile:

Used to be listed on it and never had a booking. I think this website is most appropriate for apartments or rooms in city centers with a notable gay scene.
I have quite a lot of same sex couples as Airbnb guests already despite my surbuban location so I am really not sure MisterBNB is really that useful unless you want to hook up with your guest or host :slight_smile:

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I’m going to ignore the insinuation that people use Mister BnB as a dating site or prostitution purposes (though I’ve had inquiries from “guests” trying to do so as many of these folks know) and will just say that others are correct. It functions as an Air BnB for a niche market, i.e., home sharing with vacationing gay men. I’ve hosted about 20 sets of guests on Mister (compared to about 70 sets on Air). San Francisco-based Air has a much larger presence in California than France-based Mister BnB, but it is steadily growing in popularity here.


We’ve been hosting on Airbnb for over 4 years, and about 3 of those years we’ve cross-listed on Misterb&b. Airbnb has yielded us 309 reservations, and I guesstimate that’s over 400 guests. We also get a handful of inquiries we cannot always accommodate, usually bc the guest is too squeamish about using Airbnb, the dates they want conflict with an existing reservation (which happens often), or guests change their plans.

Misterb&b on the other hand has yielded us 1 reservation that got cancelled the same day bc I was not entertaining his lewd questions, and 2 inquiries from two guys who changed their minds. Of course, our Airbnb calendars are synced to Misterb&b and it looks like we’re never really available on Misterb&b, but I also think the market where we live just doesn’t support a gay-focused accommodation sites like Misterb&b. That’s not to say we don’t gay, lesbian and transgender guests. We’re the ONLY LGBTQI+ accommodation for miles in an area of over 100,000 people, so we own that market.

But, for shits and giggles, I leave our listing on Misterb&b. It reminds me how much better off Airbnb is for us than a wannabe accommodation sites like Misterb&b.

I shut down my listing with Mister because no bookings, no inquiries and almost daily emails from them, very spammy.