Questions about Seattle hosting

Hi, I’m a host in Seattle and I have a couple of questions about city of Seattle and Washington regulations. Airbnb has been automatically collecting the lodging tax since last year. Do I need to still file the paper work for this tax?

I also recently heard that hosts need to apply for a business license tax certificate. Is this applicable to all hosts (even ones using part of their primary residence as a listing)?

If I missed some other regulation I need to follow, please include it in your response.


This may help I need to read it now myself…ugh…

Also this:

Hi @cs2015, I think our places are in the same neighborhood. BTW, this regulation has been proposed but not yet passed.

@nlcurry, yes you have to file with the Dept. of Revenue. If you give them a call, they’re very helpful over the phone. Filing is easy and it’s done quarterly.