Question re Instant Book from Guest Perspective

Hello, I am an AirBnb occasional host. And an AirBnb occasional guest. I have never used Instant Book from either side of the fence. As a Guest, how can I contact the Host before booking if they have “Instant Book”? Sometimes I have a few questions beforehand, such as, how to check in (sometimes the logistics have proven difficult, so I like to find this out in advance). Currently I’m looking at some places in Tuscany featuring beautiful swimming pools, and I’d like to ask what time of year the pool is open (as we’re traveling in May, and where I’m from, pools are not open until late May at the earliest.) From looking at the site, it looks like I just have to book (although it says my credit card will not be charged, which is confusing). Thank you!

Just above the listing’s map and below the reviews there’s a contact button.

Thank you Jacquo! I felt silly asking such a question … but the button is pretty well hidden if you’re looking near the top of the page.

Yes, it is. I suspect this is because Airbnb are trying to encourage people to Instant Book :wink:

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