Question from prospective host: What is the most painful part of being an Airbnb/VRBO/Homeaway host?

Hi Everyone - My wife and I are considering listing two of our properties on Airbnb/et al and we wanted to be prepared, before we take the plunge.

What are the top 2-3 most painful aspects of the hosting experience?

What type of properties do you have? Where are they located?

Maybe I’m just being cynical, but that sounds more like the title of a clickbait article than a genuine pre hosting question. You wouldn’t be a RESEARCHER here to gather information on the cheap, would you?



Okay, I’ll bite because one’s a truth and one is snarky.

  1. Guests who don’t read your listing or house rules.
  2. Hosts who don’t do their homework before listing and come here already making rookie mistakes.

My advice is to lurk on this forum and the forum on airbnb and do lots and lots of reading…college-level style. That will get you the insights you seek. This forum will be your lifesaver once you have more pointed questions about your specific listings, and in turn you can provide more information to those who can help you avoid issues.


One is an apartment in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The other is a house in Jamesport, NY (East End of Long Island).

Thanks so much! I’ll continue reading the forum - it’s been really helpful so far.

If you plan to clean yourself probably that.

Scheduling repairs can be a pain when the unit is always occupied.

Cleaning the toilet, cleaning the toilet and cleaning the toilet.

What a strange question to ask though. It depends on so many factors. I don’t think it’s a question that’s really possible to answer. What drives me to distraction might not bother another host and vice versa.


It depends on the type of property for sure, but for us the most inconvenient part is having strangers in a space that we sometimes use.

The pain points for hosting depend upon the properties you’re renting out.

The most common for all hosts is people not following House Rules or communicating before and during a stay.

I’m renting a private room and bath in my host-occupied/work-at-home house with pool privileges.

Most folks are great. Others push the boundaries (trying locked doors, using every towel known to man, pestering the cat after she’s made a non-connecting swipe at them).

And toilets. @jaquo got that one right. Nothing gets my gag reflex going more than cleaning the loo. :nauseated_face:

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Really? Maybe a better toilet is in your future. I find that one of the easiest bits. 2 min tops. The “water spot” is big so I usually don’t need to scrub the inside at all.

The biggest time sinks for us is stripping / remaking the bed and vacuuming.

Still sounds like a click bait article harvesting exercise.



Nope. Two mid century modern apartments with original fittings - fittings that, although not the simplest to clean - are great quality and original to the properties.

But for me, making the beds takes no time at all. Swings and roundabouts. :crazy_face:

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Fine! You make my bed and I’ll take care of your 'loo :slight_smile:


I always get into a sneezing fit if i make the beds. All the lint is bad for my airways.

Reckon your ol’ man will give you bail, on your own recognisance obviously, to have a wee break in Andalucia the next time my OH buggers off to London?

It’s not entirely the making of the beds that kills me, its the washing, ironing, folding etc, etc.

In fact, I take it back ladies (from a previous post) you are all welcome to my humble abode when OH away. If my daughter is in UK you can stay in her apartment (sleeps loads!). Drink lots of gin, lots of wine, generally have a good alcoholic time, and help me with the beds :slight_smile:


(and any others i may have missed because you can only mention ten users per post, please don’t take it personally :grin: )

Sorry guys :grin:



(feeling somewhat tarty :wink:)


Cleaning (that includes clogged toilets and sinks). Answering questions to people who are too picky or too lazy to read the instructions. Dealing with difficult guests.


Clearly! :wink: We like that…

OK! Done! My passport is in my wallet…


Ok petal, you’re on the guest list :wink:

:wine_glass: :wine_glass: :wine_glass:


With my two units the only painful part of operating a vacation rental via AirBnB is dealing with AirBnB. I recently had a guest damage a bunch of towels and as he wouldn’t pay for replacements I contacted the resolution department. After what seemed like a few weeks they emailed and wanted so much additional documentation for the damage that I couldn’t provide enough to satisfy their requirements. I eventually dropped the claim and moved on. So aside from the occasional problem guest and regular deep cleaning the biggest regular pain is the platform. Ironic though because the AirBnB platform works great for hosting and I’m very pleased with it. but not their resolution department. LOL!