Question for UK Hosts re Buy to Let Mortgages

Mr Joan is asking if anyone has a Buy to Let Mortgage on their Airbnb property; is it possible as opposed to LTR?

Try as I might, I don’t know why he’s asking… Plotting I presume!

Did a few years ago. That said, it was originally a BTL mortgage on an LTR property, which we then changed to STR. Didn’t have any issues with the lender, but as I said, it was a while ago.


Its still a buy to let mortgage but
LTR is residential property.
STR is commercial property and you have to jump through a lot more hoops to get a good rate for commercial use.

Thank you both. " really useful information."

Obviously plotting something. Very, if not too, quiet ce soir.

Get’im round the pub, a few ales followed by a couple of large G&T’s and he’ll spill the lot.



Ha ha ha, I wish! But I know he will spill, once the plotting has been well thought out. He has the mind of an absent minded professor whilst thinking stuff through; I can hear the cogs whirring right now.

And after a few ales & large G&T’s, I’d probably agree to anything!

Oooh errr missus,



Have you got a birthday or anniversary coming up? I foresee the scenario: “Darling, guess what, I’ve bought you another Airbnb to stress over!”

On more serious note, The Husband says there weren’t any clauses in BTL mortgage that specified length of rental contract, but again this was some years ago, might have changed.

There has already been a small hint, last night, of this as a scenario, but thankfully, all birthday/anniversaries are out of the way for another year. Even his own!

This made me curious and I had a look at what’s around. Our days of STR in the UK are well and truly over, not that we could any more given the new restrictions in Glasgow (our LTR properties all have communal entrances).

Seems to be plenty of intermediaries hoping to piggy back on to the STR market, several offering SPV mortgages from a variety of lenders. No idea what rates they are offering but indications are that most will be fairly high given the risk element involved and the LTV is also going to be higher than a conventional BTL mortgage.

Click through on the above for an explanation of SPV’s.


Wow. Many, many thanks for this. You’ve also beaten him at his own game!

Hi, We have a BTL mortgage on our Airbnb property (full house listing). Issued in November '18 based on we would be doing STLs

Interesting. Would you be prepared to PM me more details please?

Sure. Will PM you in next 10 minutes. If you don’t get anything through, let me know in case I’ve not done it correctly!