Question for New England Hosts

Have your bookings slowed down for the fall? I just re-opened my airbnb starting in September and have 5 booking for Sept/Oct but haven’t gotten anything new in weeks. Usually in past years these two months were some of my best months. (Salem, MA and Autumn Leaves). I’m wondering if this is due to the Delta Variant or if people are now booking last minute? Thanks for any feedback.

I’m not in New England, but have been searching VT, NH, ME for places in late Sept-mid Oct and the pickings are very slim.
I suspect lots of these got booked quite awhile ago.
I’m in VA and new here since spring and my bookings have definitely slowed in the last few weeks. Covid? I don’t know.

Part of the slim pickings might be that not everyone who used to run airbnbs have re-opened. I’ve definitely noticed less units available.

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I’m in Austin, TX and although people here act like there is no pandemic :roll_eyes: (we just went to the highest alert stage, too), I also have seen a slow down in requests. Except for music festival or sporting event weekends in September/October, I definitely feel I’m getting more last minute & normally I’d be getting booked into Nov/Dec starting in a couple off weeks…so we’ll see. It makes sense as people can’t cancel penalty free unless they actually have Covid-19. I have tons of friends traveling to destination locations as a family but here I’m getting more “drive in” guests looking to reunite with friends/family. But now that’s gotten risky. What a sad situation we are in :disappointed:.

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I am in the Western Massachusetts and we re-opened in July. We are very busy through the end of Sept with one October booking. It is unusual not to have Oct filling up particularly Columbus day weekend. I used to get more college parents but many students are remote and guests are not encouraged on campuses so that explains a little. I think people are booking last minute to adjust to current COVID circumstances. I am looking at closing any future bookings after Sept 15th since I think we’ll have increased precautions everywhere by then. Indoor masking for all is already returning. Those with the most flexible cancelation policies will probably see the most bookings.

I am on the South Coast of Mass. I’m full in September, but only have one booking so far in October. I’ll start getting concerned in a month–my bookings have mostly been 3-4 weeks out.

After I posted this last week I have gotten 4 new bookings so I think people are waiting longer to book which was my experience before I closed up last March.