Quarantine Bookings

I am getting a run of inquiries for quarantine bookings. I can’t do this, but I would be curious to know if I would be responsible for meals, and ensuring they comply.

Any thoughts?

Are they quarantined because they are ill or due to a required wait period in your area?

I wouldn’t want to be responsible for meals. If someone was quarantined I could make arrangements to have groceries delivered (not a service offered in our small town.) I would also be willing to pick up prepared meals from local restaurants or food from our farmer’s market.

A combo of these 2-3 times per week would be ok with me. In larger areas they can get delivery services.

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If you want to take quarantine bookings, I would negotiate the food situation prior to accepting and at least get your arrangement in electronic form. It would also depend on the cooking/kitchen facility in your listing. I already provide breakfast as part of our ‘experience’ and all the cabana has is a microwave and fridge.