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I am new to hosting and I am setting up an apartment to list on AirBnb. I am looking around for mattresses and although I have a limited budget I wish to buy the best I can get in order to ensure the highest comfort for my guests. However, every time I mention to the sales people at the mattress stores that the mattress will be used for holiday apartment rentals, they always direct me to the cheapest models which I find inadequate in terms of comfort. Their reasoning being that guests ruin everything and it is not worth investing in a quality mattress since it will probably be changed frequently. Are people really so destructive? What is your opinion?

My partner Sally and I have always said she was all about the great Bed at a Bed & Breakfast, and I am all about the Breakfast. Our AirBnB has a great bed and gourmet breakfasts.

We got a really good deal on a Serta brand Queen Mattress in Firm, Box Spring and Frame from, of all places Big Lots, the discount store. We got the mattress and box spring for $200, and the Angle Iron with legs frame for $79. It was $50 delivered not just to the house, but to the place where it was to be used. We added a 2" Foam Topper that my partner had bought for her grown daughter’s bed, but the daughter never liked it on the occasions when she came home and slept on it.

We get nothing but great comments from our guests about the quality of the bed (and the breakfasts too).

@travellinbug if you have an Ikea by you their mid-range of non-spring mattresses are quite lovely, and we were able to pick up a few in the ‘rebate’ area.

bought a queen “tuft n Needles” mattress. direct from the factory;There is no box spring(not necessary)It s 600.Highest rating on Amazon;3400 good reviews. It was shipped direct in a box;only weighs 35 pounds.It like a thick futon. Heres what I did;I ask the guest for mattress preference.Do you like a really firm mattress(whih it is) or would you like me to add a layer of memory foam?Most want the foam(170 on amazon-thick blue cushion;high rating on amazon.)But there are some that love the hard bed;you are giving them a choice so they cant complain

I agree Tuft and Needle is the best! Quality mattresses at a reasonable price made in the USA. It’s a great win-win. They seemed super firm at first but I think they feel less firm over time (supported and comfortable). Guests love the beds, we have two and both get great reviews.

We also got those Sleet Tite mattress protectors on Amazon. They work really well for about $40. Doesn’t feel waterproof but gives great protection

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No need to worry, I am a host too and I had done quite extensive research on mattresses while setting up my apartment. Then I found Nest Bedding Mattress. If You want to get the best, as you mentioned in your comment, I suggest you have a look at the Nest Bedding Mattress.
I am sure you will never regret.