Pseudo-automated response for some guest inquiries

Hello, this is an automated message from XXXX :
Hi! Thanks for your interest in my home.
Before proceeding with inquiries or reservations, can you let me know if you have read the full listing, are you fine with the house rules and have fully filled out your Airbnb profile?
Thanks. I hope to welcome you soon.

If I get no response, then I am not interested in hosting the guests in question.

Lets us know how it goes.

It works well. Most guests for whom I choose to send this message usually reply. Those that don’t, I am not interested in pursuing anyway.

I don’t have time to chit chat as most of my bookings are for 1 night and they are made one or two days, sometimes one or two hours, before arrival. But I’d send auto responses if I could to save time.

I’m too greedy to do that :wink:

I don’t think I’ve ever declined a request. I admit that I’ve tried to gently put people off but never an actual decline. I’m simply no good at evaluating people from their messages. So now I use Instant Book.

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I’ve turned off instant book for the time being because I’m having work done in the front by the guest room and I want to make sure each guest is aware. People who want to check out early would be fine but I don’t want to be dinged by someone trying to sleep. But I get so many last minute requests that I’m afraid I won’t have any bookings for the next week. If only people would read the listings!

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