PSA to help Ukraine: if you have an unused Superhost coupon

We’ve gotten $100 Airbnb coupons several times. How would I know if we have an active one now? I haven’t paid any attention to them since the pandemic started.

You don’t get a voucher until the old one runs out. In other words, they expire a year from when they are awarded. So you will never have more than one valid one at any given time. Those old vouchers you have are useless.

Except last year some people had two because airbnb extended the expiration date. One of my repeat guests used two at my place in November and December.

I don’t think you would have any active ones now, they would be expired by now. But to double check go to your account and check for coupons:

Thanks. You’re right. Nothing current.

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That’s not true, at some point in the last year I had 3 at one time. I booked a fellow host’s place to use one up before it expired and then used the other two for real bookings last year. But I had 3 available at one time though they all had different expiration dates.

Reporting back on my Polish host support booking:

“Thank your help. I already invite a refuges family .”

This was a host near the border I found who had an airbnb org designation on their profile, whom I thought would be more likely to appreciate a contribution to hosting refugees. I didn’t want to make annoying assumptions about hosts who weren’t interested.

It was tedious to find as you have to pull up the list then look at the host profile, and the only such host I found after looking at many listings.

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I found a second Polish host participating in airbnb org. There was a complication that I had anticipated might happen.

They are trying to keep dates open to help with the Ukraine refugee situation. They sent me a change request to make the booking for one day, and I sent additional funds through the Airbnb resolution center.

“I’ve sent a request to airbnb and a change of reservation dates just like I sent a request-it’s the only way we know it right now.
As a result, we are covering the cost to support current refugees and open dates on Airbnb for other people in need, for example, volunteers.
We are so grateful ! May you and your family bless you too!”

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