PSA: Reservation with added infants not covered by AirBNB insurance

I couldn’t even figure out what that run on sentence, aka post, by klatchers was saying.

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I’m sorry to disillusion you, but AirBnB has no “insurance”. They have a bogus “host guarantee” which is basically useless. If you don’t have your own STR insurance you need to talk to your insurance agent now.

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I had the toughest time fitting my own into such a narrow creative yet informative space too. I had to resort to “3-5 year old set, especially if known as precocious, will be shot on sight” or “electrocuted randomly several times throughout stay” or something. First, I had a positive spin on it, speaking about the opportunities for your child to be electrocuted or enriched. A choose your own adventure kind of vacation. Turns out that people are mundane and ALWAYS choose the safest option. And that is when it stops being fun for everybody concerned.

But seriously, mine is succinct and says something similiar to “we have several rocky inclines and retaining walls and your child will fall off. We smoke and swear alot”. I have had one newborn try to book. But his credit card wasnt any good in the end.

Edited to add: The views in this post are not my own and no names were mentioned to protect the innocent. My apologies if people were offended by imaginary children on rocks or items that electrocute. If I even knew how to electrocute moving things, I would be using that technology for good when I also learn what that is. Seems hard. My views are purely ironic in the truest sense.


I like your style. :sunglasses:

My first attempt at disclosing “into such a narrow creative yet informative space” (as you so perfectly put it) came off like some kind of slam poetry or badly counted haiku:
Lots of glass. Zero baby-proofing. Open stairwell.
Laundry chute that drops a story.
Before booking, contact us for a full list of concerns.


Today, after having to clean toddler shit from the wall behind the bathroom door, I have decided to amend our Airbnb house rules and BDC policies to no kids under twelve.

They want to come back for the feria here in a couple of weeks. That is not going to happen.


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I just bought a large planter at Costco. This sticker is inside

I don’t think hosts should hold back on disclosing the ways the property hazards can kill children.

Please be sure to explain to them that it is because of their baby crap issue left behind…

I like it! I just don’t understand the couple of people that have tried to bypass our no child under 12 rules.
What kind of parent are you that you WANT to stay at my house after reading my description?! I had to literally argue with one guy. We went back and forth a few times as he didnt want to accept no for an answer. He has booked and then wrote me that they have a child but “it won’t be a problem”. So, I replied…oh no, no…It stated he had a newborn baby. Then it came out the child was toddler age and walking. Not that I was going to say yes to either, but how bizarre!