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Property Management Software

Is anyone using one? I now have 4 homes all under different log ins with AirbnB and VRBO and would love to find property management software that sends out automatic emails to guets as well as cleaners each time a place is booked. I am currently looking at VReasy, Guesty and 365Villas.

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Hello Mike,

You probably would like to check https://smartbnb.io/messaging.

We work on Airbnb, with native messages (not emails as Airbnb’s treatment of email is unreliable), with automated messages from inquiry to reviews, including reviews automation, with automatic emails to cleaners (or clients, or anyone really) when you have a new reservation, or a cancellation, and send reminders. We also monitor your listing’s placement in search results and we certainly want to keep innovating.

Guesty would take 3% of your payouts, we would take €31. Your choice :slight_smile:

Full disclosure: yes, I am the founder of Smartbnb in very bad disguise. How could one possibly guess?

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Awesome! I will check this out. Is that 31 Euros a month? Right now VReasy seems pretty good at $87 Euros a month. And this also connects into VRBO as well?

That is €31/month for 4 listings that generated revenue in the past 30 days.

There is no connection with VRBO or HA at the current time. Although this is not a priority for the next few months, you may expect something in that direction at one point, when I can finally manage to get off this forum! :smiley:


ha- thanks! I do need it to connect with VRBO too as I have about 20% rentals coming from there- it used to be 80%! But I will keep an eye on your product! It looks great.

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What about hostaway?

I’ll go check them out now!

I use VReasy for over a year and im really happy with them!
If you have some questions, feel free to contact me

Thanks- I’m doing my big set up with them tomorrow. Looks like it does mostly what I need it to do. They can’t sync with VRBO though in terms of pricing unless I have 5 properties under one sign in- but said it can work in AirBnB- seems like it’s a VRBO thing.

But unlike Host Away - they do have things like invoicing and cleaner contact.

In case you prefer a tool in your smartphone (and desktop), Your Porter App mainly focuses on automating guest communication, syncing calendars and coordination of teammates like cleaning, check-in or anything you might think of.

It supports multiple accounts and platforms (Airbnb, Wimdu, 9flats) -Booking.com and HomeAway/VRBO coming this month)

Your teammate can send you feedback when their complete their tasks and you can track everything from your smartphone. This is how it looks like with task management:

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Oh very cool! I’ll check that out. I don’t think I’d want my cleaners to start logging in to apps though. They’d get even more confused. But this can automatically send separate emails to them at booking? I have different cleaning crew for different homes.

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You are completely right, your teammates do not log in to your account. They even do not need to download the app. Your Porter App sends emails, SMS or WhatsApp messages to your teammates to let them know what and when to do.

If they have a smartphone with internet, they can mark tasks as completed (without using the app) and you can follow it on your timeline. :wink:

Hi guys!

Have you heard about AirGMS? As a channel manager, it has multi-platform synchronization. So, you can sync all calendar data from any short-term rental booking platform. What is more important in AirGMS you can find irreplaceable useful features. For instance, you can manage all your Airbnb chats in one place. Templates, automatic replies are all there as well. The platform has a deep integration with Airbnb, so you can easily do almost all actions you would normally do on Airbnb. AirGMS has a free trial option for 14 days. Many hosts have tried it already and eased their Airbnb business.

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But can I change prices across all platforms on your dashboard?

@TenantSync. We are now up to five posts about a service that you are selling… please stop.

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Hi @erincerinc,
It sounds great I’ll give it a shot!

Have you made a decision on one? I would be interested to know which software you started and how user friendly it is, etc.

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I’ve been using VREasy so far. Pretty good- not eactly what I’m looking for - but automation is great. The end of month invoices could use some help but it allows you to download any field into a XL file so seems to do the job. Still hoping to find a good dashboard soon that changes on the calendar/ web site and then makes those changes across AirBnB and VRBO. VREasy has that but there is a % charge per transaction. Looks like One Roof Top is close to launching a great system as well.

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