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Project Lighthouse

I changed my name as an adult to the one that I wanted. I wish society encouraged that even more so children didn’t get stuck for an entire lifetime with whatever name their parents wanted. I don’t care if it’s interesting like Moon Unit or North West or if it’s Donald Trump, Jr.


Interesting…what does ‘she looks Irish’ mean ? Genuine question. Irish people look just the same as any other people of western European origin.

And in terms of the names you mention… the reason I said ‘poor children’, is that children with unusual sounding names for the society they live in tend to get teased at school and more widely. And the name get mis-spelled. Believe me I know from personal experience :frowning:

The names you mention that you like;

are just ‘as bad’ as you call it as

And mis pronounced, frequently. Both of our girls have traditional Irish names, although one is far easier to pronounce and spell than the other.

Fortunately, she likes the individuality of it, so puts up with the crap that comes with it.



@JohnF - Our daughter has a traditional Irish name as well, and it gets butchered here in the states, even by my family (she’s only been around 13 years, they must still be learning …). She used to fuss about her name being different but now she likes it. I hope it stays that way for her, because doggone it, it is a beautiful name! :heart:


Well, my girls never got teased for their names and neither have any of the of the other kids I know whose names I mentioned. There are so many kids with unusual names these days that it’s not like it was when I was young, it’s not something kids get teased for these days, at least not in my personal experience.
The same with hairstyles- when I was in school, your hair had to be “in fashion” or you were considered some kind of nerd. I used to iron my hair when I was in junior high, or sleep in giant orange-juice can size rollers, which was highly uncomfortable, because it’s wavy, and long, totally straight hair was the fashion. Now it’s completely acceptable for your hair to be long, short, curly, wavy, straight, half shaved, half long, natural color, dyed pink or blue.

When I said my daughter looks Irish- of course I know that Irish can have all sorts of coloring and looks, just like anyone, but there are some features that are more common depending on one’s heritage. In my daughter’s case, she has very pale skin, green eyes, and very dark brown hair. Not the coloring most people would expect in someone with purely Eastern European Jewish heritage. Of course there are others of that same heritage with that coloring, but it isn’t the predominent look.

Hey, my name is Sarah, which isn’t an unusual name and people still misspell it. When I say "Sarah with an ‘H’ " they try to stick the H in somewhere in the middle- Shara or Sahara :slight_smile:

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Public service announcement: there are no ‘races’. And being ‘Jewish’ is definitely not a physical characteristic…

Tell that to the US Census Bureau.

Edit, I think you were trying to point to that the plural of race is not “races”, but it rather “race”?

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