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Progress report not updating fivestar percentages



A while ago I made a screenshot of the ratings progress page which at that time showed 66 reviews, overall rating of 4.9 and 90% fivestar. Since then I have had 3 more reviews, all of which have been fivestar and in spite of that, the present review’s ONLY change was to the number of reviews which was changed to 69, while the 4.9 and 90% figures stayed the same.
From a mathematical standpoint how is that possible but maybe they are using the so called “newmath”, but when we got a review under 5star our percentage and overall definitely went down!
How can this be possible?


Same here. Mine never changes.


Easy enough to do the math yourself. Just like your grade point average in college– easy to go down; hard as hell to move it up.


April 1 they are moving away from the % and going to the average star rating. Either way, the more reviews you have the harder it is to move that number up or down. Starting 4/1 Superhost and Plus hosts will need to have a 4.8 average star rating. Above that doesn’t matter so nothing to worry about. Those 3 more 5 star reviews might not move your number up when it’s already so high but it will help you in the long run if you get a 4 star review.


I think they may have just started rolling this out, at least here in the UK. You’ve just explained to me what I couldn’t work out tonight; why the page looked so very different but I couldn’t work out why. Thank you!

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