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Profile for host with multiple listings



We got an inquiry from another host. When I look at his profile, it includes a section on the left that shows all four of his Airbnb rooms, with a link to each room.

I have two Airbnb listings for separate rooms. How do I get to a page that shows my profile, with the two rooms listed? I can log out as a host and go look at my profile, but it never has the section that lists my two rooms with a link to each room.


@RebeccaF it’s a little bit hidden, so please login in your account
and go to this page https://www.airbnb.com/hosting (dashboard)
scroll and you will see on the right side:

  • Show your listings to potential guests with a pro marketing page on Airbnb.
  • Go to pro marketing page
    Go there and set it


Hmm. I’m on the hosting (dashboard) page, and I don’t see anything about a pro marketing page. I’m on a computer (not a phone). I’m a super host.

Thanks for trying to help!


@RebeccaF I forgot to tell you to set your calendar on Multicalendar mode.
Trying to send you a screenshot



I found it. Not from that page, but from my Listings page. From there, I found a link to Listings Page. It isn’t exactly the same as the Pro Marketing Page, but it does include both of my listings on one link that I can give to people.

Thanks for your help.

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