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Product that shuts off water



Would you be interested in a product that:

  1. Can shutoff water from your rental while you are not there(in case of leak, flood etc).
  2. can tell you the exact occupancy of your rental


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Thank you for thinking about me.




How do you propose to acomplice this?
More details are needed.



A servo motor on a quarter turn ball valve hooked up to a controller. Some product like this:

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this looks like a good product - thanks for finding it Mexican!



Im not sure I understand this. so if you want to shut off the water just go in the basement where the water shut-off valve is and shut it off.
You can do this before you go on vacation for example, although in winter, when it;s freezing i wouldn’t recommend it. What if the pipes freeze and crack. that’s an expensive fix.
If you mean remotely I have no idea.

The occupancy: I have a certificate from the borough that says which is my max occupancy. If you want to see how many people are in the house you can install a camera either outside or in the kitchen (and disclose it in the listing).



@adrienne12 many of us host remotely. I am in my cottage in-between every couple of renters, or so. Before I rented I turned the water off every time I left the cottage during the winter. Now I never do it.

I appreciate @Mexican finding that link.

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This product is great for remote hosts, for example if a pipe bursts, you can turn off the water remotely before damage is done



I fail to see how that is going to tell me the “exact occupancy” of my listing…

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Yes plenty of ways to do this.
I would never use this as a stand-alone product.

This should be part of a complete home automation scheme including lighting and heating.



Why are you asking these questions?

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Guessing … that he wants to develop an app. Yet another app that hosts don’t want :wink:

Is there anyone who can’t shut off their water? I don’t know about others but the exact occupancy of either of our rentals is determined by me - no further assistance necessary.

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It would have come in handy for me when I had my guest who claimed he couldn’t turn off the hot water in the shower and so it was running for 2 hours, 30 of which I could have stopped once he told me and I was in my way from work to turn the knob for him…



In my separate house listing it is located in the crawl space as there is no basement…and of course it is at the exact opposite end as the access port as well so i would need to crawl all the way under the house so this feature would be great.

I have a turn faucet valve in my LTR in another state so I would need to refit with this type but would be worth it.


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